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Exploring emotional experiences of adults living with acne


I'm conducting a research project exploring the emotional experiences of adults living with acne for my Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. My hope is that the research will inform ways professionals respond when working with people with acne.

I'm posting information about the study here, as I'm wondering whether you might be able to take part. I'm looking for people to participate who:

• currently have acne;

• are receiving treatment for Acne Vulgaris (commonly known as 'Acne') from their GP or Dermatologist;

• are aged 18 years old or over.

Participation will involve answering a series of questionnaires online which should take approximately 20 minutes. Please click on this link to be directed to more information about the study and to access the questionnaires: tinyurl.com/acne-study

The survey will be closed on 31st December 2015.

If you don't meet the criteria but you know of other people that might, it'd be great if you could help me spread the word about my study by sharing it's facebook page facebook.com/acneresearch2015 (widely, rather than to specific people) and/or retweeting the link tinyurl.com/acne-study or following @AcneStudy2015.

Many thanks and best wishes,


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A prize draw has now been introduced, so if you participate in the study you could win £20, £30 or £50 of Amazon vouchers.

If you participated in the study before the prize draw was introduced and would like to be entered into it, please email me at u1331771@uel.ac.uk

The deadline for the study has also been extended - the study will now be open until 29th February 2016.

Thanks again to everyone who's participated in the study so far



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