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Molluscum Contagiosum after symptom problems - is this normal?!


3 or 4 years ago I got a pretty bad case of MC - it was a little bit painful and it ran from my armpit all the way up the back of my arm.

I was convinced to use an applicant to freeze the lump thingies off but it just made it worse and so on - long story short it lasted for quite a while..


Recently it's been really really hurting and I have no idea why! All the scars that were left behind (a lot!) have gotten bigger and it's like the skin is just peeling away which is normal but is it supposed to be painful?!

It's bad enough not being able to eat properly- so it's even worse that I can't move my left arm without it hurting - making it pretty much immobile


Thank you for you time..

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Also, when I was diagnosed, I looked online and all the rashes looked WAY different to what mine was. On the pictures they were big red lumps but mine were tiny white raised lumps with yellow bits on the top :/


I'd go back to your doctor. Sounds unusual to me, but I'm no expert. My son, who's had it twice, said it only hurt if he scratched it coz of his eczema....


We recommend you see your GP or dermatologist.

However, this info might also be of help.


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