Can you grow out of allergies?

Apologies - not posted here for ages. I got sunburnt yesterday. For the first time in over 10 years, I have real sunburnt. My skin doesn't feel rough, I can't feel any polymorphic light eruption coming through. Is it possible I've outgrown the condition after all these years?

Or, is it just as co-incidence that having taken to running outside two years ago, I'm building up a tolerance during the spring months that gives protection during the summer?

Anyone any experience of this?

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  • Hi, my guess is that your skin has in fact built up a tolerance as you have had it exposed to sunlight (albeit through cloud cover) over a longer period. Sort of like how our hands and face don't get as burned as say, shoulders, as they are more routinely out in all weathers

  • Unfortunately in the past my hands have come up with PLE rashes. However, that said, you're probably right in that I'm building up my tolerance by being out and about during the winter and spring months. I haven't been as bold to actually lie out in the sun and test this theory yet .... although I might in the name of science! Not today though because the weather's rubbish where I am!

  • Hi PamJK,

    DermNet NZ states:

    'Some people with PMLE successfully manage to gradually harden their skin by slowly increasing how long they spend outdoors with uncovered skin, starting with a few minutes exposure during spring'.

    Read more @

  • So I'm thinking that my having taken up running outside to improve my general fitness also has a side effect of hardening up my skin for the summer. Bonus! That's one hell of a reason to keep up with the running.

  • Go for it, PamJK! :-D

  • I don't have experience with PLE but I do believe that you can grow out of allergies eg: As a child eating strawberries would give me a serious rash now I am fine to eat them without any side effects.

  • Hi Pamjk,

    It is your is in trouble. sorry to be so direct, but its the truth :)

    your liver and skin are connected. when the liver is in a bad shape, it tries to send toxins that he cant handle any more towards the skin...but then if you get a lot of sun you did. it will "cook" the toxins and that's why people have skin allergies, rashes...the part of the body affected is different depending on the person.

    Eczema, urticaria, all liver related. take care of your liver with a healthy diet, so it can release the stones out and work properly.

    All the best for you :)

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