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A good news story

I am happy to report that after seven years of walking on broken glass ( pustular psoriasis} I have been free of the pustules for six months. I had 48 sessions of PUVA with the wonderful team at Queens Hospital in Romford. This week I went back to see the Consultant and she was delighted too! I will continue to be in her care with another appointment in six months. I am plagued with heels so thick with skin it splits but have the right creams and tapes to manage that. During our chat it seems that this condition can be helped if GP's were to refer patients sooner to Dermatology. If you have a skin condition and are not getting results PLEASE insist on seeing a Dermatologist. It is not often cureable, mine is not, but can often be eased and managed.

I had good advice from here,

Thank you.

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I am so glad for you! I only had mine for a couple of years, saw Dermatology (after several months of waiting because the GP thought it was a fungal infection) tried accitretan, PUVA - then a friend suggested Exorex. I use that, plus a urea 10% moisturiser & find that a good maintenance routine. I also remove the thickened skin with a mechanical file. It might help with your thick skin on heels. I had another health problem, that led to massive weight loss - and my PP is now clear, I'm better than I've felt for years - so there IS hope, for anyone out there who's feeling the despair I felt. When it recurs, I will know better how to deal with it.

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So happy for you! Two good news stories, hope others will take heart and soldier on.


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