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Have Metrogel to try to control this wretched condition, but thus far, sometimes successful, sometimes not. Skin feels dry so Diprobase suggested, do you use it first on your facial skin in the mornings / evenings (not much, but just a little to soften the skin) then put the metrogel on after or the otherway round but if the later, I find the metrogel just flakes off and looks as if your skin is peeling! Very frustrating - also - make up - any specific types of makeup better to use? All this is new to me and most upsetting when red and blotchy!

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You could ask your GP for the cream rather than the gel - either rosex or noritate. You put themedication on first and once its sunk in apply moisturiser. You should wear an oil free sunscreen - I use clinique daily face protector 40 SPF and then just top ir off with powder. You need a good skincare routine - trial and error as to what works for you. You should also consider your diet - google 'rosacea diet' and see whst comes up. Horrible disease - I've lived with it for nearly 40 years - don't let it ruin your life.


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