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"Get rid of acne ! " is it possible?

Actually though acne is not a life threatening disease at all statistics show that about 8% acne patient thought about suicide. Isn't it surprising? Actually prevention of acne is almost certainly impossible. So what can we to to minimize acne affect is maintain a good hygiene, drinking enough fresh water eating enough vegetables. what most acne patient do is touch their acne frequently with their hand which spread the acne around the face. And another thing is moister your face, frequently wash your face with fresh clean water this will be helpful for reducing oil affect in your face.Try to be neat and clean all time.

never feel stressed for this soon you will relieve from this disease.I am writing especially on cystic acne in this website. .You can comment me your problem as a premed i will try to answar your questions.

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abit unrelated but i went though all my school years with it all over my body and not on my face slightly weird, but after it had cleared up it all scared a weird purple colour and i found out it was never acne so i'd always double check what it really is


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