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Managing emotions and adjusting to a skin condition research project

Hi everyone,

My name is Azizah and I am conducting a research project on managing emotions and adjusting to a skin condition for my MSc Health Psychology thesis. I would very much appreciate anyone who has a non-life threatening skin condition such as Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Urticaria and other conditions to take part. If you know someone with a skin condition please RT the link: and/or follow @MDXSkinStudy. The results of this study may help aid our understanding of the emotional impact of adjusting to a skin condition and so your help is invaluable! Please click on this link which will direct you straight to the survey. - Thank you!

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All the best with the study,



Thank you so much! =D



As a point of interest, for me, the current condition of my skin (*lots* of Vitiligo patches) is not at all distressing, but It seems that the distress that it caused me when growing up with it (when it was less extensive, but far more visible) has influenced how I react to social situations or anxiety in ways unrelated to appearance and body image as an adult.


Thank you for completeing the survey and for your feedback! It is always interesting to hear peoples individuals experiences of living with a skin condition.


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