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Baby’s coming lies in the hope of curing vitiligo


Because my wife was attacked by vitiligo 2 years ago. We do want to have a baby, but we are afraid that the baby will be infected with vitiligo, so we have to set aside the plan for having a baby. However, we can not delay the plan like this all the time.

We went to many places for treatment of vitiligo, but in vain. When we heard about the good medical treatment effect on vitiligo in a skin Hospital. By accident, they came to the hospital to have a try.

After a short while, there was a noticeable change in the leukoderma on Mr. Liu’s wife’s body, which made them very excited. They were sure that the disease could be cured, so they actively cooperate with the doctors. After a whole treatment course, the leukoderma disappeared and they could realize the hope of having a baby!You can visite the website of vitiligotcm for more advice and help if you have the same problem with me!

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