The first Psoriasis Treatment and Resource Center in Africa need your support now on GlobalGiving. Follow this link

Today March 1 marks the beginning of the Africa Psoriasis Organization participation in GlobalGiving Open Challenge. GlobalGiving is an online fundraising website that helps international nonprofits raise the funds needed to implement life-changing programs.

We need your help meeting the challenge goal of raising at least $5,000 from a minimum of 40 donors by March 31.

Meeting the challenge goal will give Africa Psoriasis Organization! a permanent place on GlobalGiving website, making us eligible for additional corporate sponsorships, and helping friends of Africa Psoriasis Organization! and around the world participate in the fundraising process.

You can help Africa Psoriasis Organization! achieve the challenge and move forward providing access to timely and correct diagnosis and treatment to psoriasis patients in Kenya.

First we need to meet the challenge, and with your help! For as little as $10, you can help us meet the GlobalGiving challenge. Visit our GlobalGiving page and donate now in this Help us spread the word through your Social Media.

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  • more than 60% of my skin presented with diffuse and infiltrating skin lesion with red and dark red color. There were lots of squarrulose scales on the surface of the lesions. You know how miserable I was. Forturnately I was cured of psoriasis and my arthralgia improved significantly. Now I returned to the appearance of a young man. It took 5 courses of treatment to cure met and reinforce the effect. see more psoriasis treatment on the website of vitiligotcm

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