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Can’t afford therapy

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I suffer from extreme contamination OCD. I also experience some checking compulsions that are unrelated to my contamination obsessions, but these do not cause me nearly as much distress. I am in dire need of treatment, but am a college student who cannot afford therapy, especially specialized therapy. It feels hopeless not being able to be treated for my OCD and knowing it will most likely be years (after I graduate and find a job) until I’m able to receive help. Any advice? Anyone else going through something similar?

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There is a ton of info online! There are articles, videos, books, etc. that you can use to help yourself! I’ve tried therapy before but honestly have gotten the most help on my own.

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Hello and thank you for your response! I have just ordered “Free Yourself from OCD” and will have it soon. Thank you for the recommendations! It is validating that you say self-help was more helpful for you than therapy, as I don’t know when I’ll be able to access therapy.

Hi! I got a notification that you posted this and I wanted you to know that feel the exact same way. I am also a college student unable to afford therapy... I know how much it sucks :( and when you said that it feels like a hopeless situation, I 100% understand what you mean. There's not an immediate solution to the capitalist system that prevents us from accessing what we need, but I want you to know that you are not alone and to please leave room for hope if you can. Even if you think you sound delusional, imagine yourself years from now recovered from OCD and happy with your loved ones and try to hold on to that image. I wish I had more words of wisdom, but unfortunately, I am going through the same thing and I don't know what else to say except that I share your pain.

In terms of actual support and resources, have you tried checking in with someone at your school to see if they have an off-campus mental health provider referral database? Although my school doesn't offer any specialized therapy, they do have a database that allows me to access an off-campus therapist for a small co-pay ($15) . I know books are often recommended, but something that feels a little less time consuming is following instagram pages that talk about OCD. People offer really good advice and they are based on personal experiences so it also provides me with hope. A few ones that I follow are ocddoodles, ocdgamechangers, ocdukcharity, theocdstories, and the_ocdproject. I have also recently tried using to access free group therapy. Facebook is also a good site to look for free support programs, but proceed with caution. I will keep you posted if I find other resources. If you ever want to vent anonymously, you can also reach out to me (depending on your comfort level of course because I know that can be a lot but I know it's hard to struggle alone so just wanted to put that out there!!). Best of luck, please stay strong. Remember that thoughts and feelings lie and deceive us + that it is distressing but not dangerous. :)

I cannot thank you enough for your response; you have truly touched my heart. Thank you for all of your helpful advice and most of all your empathy. I can’t wait to check out those Instagram pages that you’ve recommended! I am sorry you also live with OCD, you are truly very kind. Best of luck to you as well, we can do this!

I also advise that you speak to your school and your Dr, (here in the UK, we are able to get referrals from our doctors that allow some free therapy sessions. Don't know if there is something similar where you are)

I also have a contamination OCDemon. If you go to my profile and check out my posts and replies, there's a few "coping" mechanisms that I use within the posts and replies.

I find it helps me, reading/hearing about others who have the same or similar issues. Makes me feel less alone/I'm not the only one.

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Thank you for your response! You are most definitely not alone. I will check out your page, thank you! Unfortunately, I live in the US where there is not much free/reduced price programs for mental health. My school offers 10 free counseling sessions for the entirety of my education, but they are only generalized. Specialists are not covered by my parents’ insurance either, so it’s surely a difficult find around here.

I am a specialist OCD therapist and have put all my knowledge into videos to help those who can't afford to see a therapist. There is a small fee of £3 per month ($5) to access them as I do need to earn money myself but I hope this resource will make a difference. The videos can be found here best wishes John.

Thank you very much! I will surely be checking that out.

I feel you. I've been years in the same situation. I recommend educate yourself with books and podcast and ISRS(go to a physiatrist) that helped me a lot

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Have just ordered a new book: Free Yourself from OCD! Thanks for your response! Any podcast recommendations?

Try doctors offices as someone mentioned...also universities....some will accept what you can afford.

All the best.

I don't have Insurance and I have to save up for 6 months at a time to see a therapist but I don't knownif you live in the US but there are programs and support groups that you can do ther is reading you can do for OCD I recommend brain lock it's a good resource to start with to get some controll but therapy will help see if your school knows of any programs or even Google some sort of sliding scale dr

I have contamination OCD and I’m getting my counseling license. I’m also an MD, so I can help with giving you some knowledge. I can try to work with you for free. Message me if you’re interested.

Is there a counseling center on campus? If so they typically have therapists who you can see for free

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