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Hi honeys


Hi Everyone. I’m excited about this group and hope that I can relate to lotta people and they can relate to me. I have OCD and have for 21 years been on medication for the same amount of time and found ways to cope. I speak out on OCD and how it affects everybody. Please feel free to say hi or reach out to me with anything you need any questions or add me on Facebook as a friend I’m always here for you.

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Which medicine do you take?

I have taken Prozac for over 20 years. Dose had to be adjusted to find perfect fit and I am at 60mgs a day. I have a few rough days a month but overall it has been what changed my life. It took about six months however for th le side effects to stop and about a year before I did not have what seemed like no emotions. But then I finally became myself again.

You mentioned that you’ve found ways to cope. Which coping mechanisms work best for you?

Hi Jenellereese. First of all, thanks for being so brave to show you in this great platform and so kind to offer your help. I have had OCD(health anxiety) since most of my family died of cancer quite young. Although it could be understandable that this disorder appears to me is still a very tough bitch to fight for. Now my question: I've had taken dumirox (fluvoxamina) for 5 years and work well for me but I am a bit worried about long term effects( diabetes, heart diseases...) Any experience? I do not have therapist in my country with knowledge of CBT and ERP. I am trying to educate myself but I don't think I'll be able to move on without drugs...any experience?


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