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Hi I wrote a couple of weeks ago about my muscle pain in my shoulders and arms ,its still there worse one the left side ,I have had xrays and they think its muscle related. I have now got a new physiotherapists she's been to see me today. Marvelous things are moving she has arnged transport to all hospitals appointments, measured me for a wheelchair and ordered it ,arranged for someone to come and sort a ramp out urgent, and someone to help with my garden. I feel very lucky and thankful today.

Pauline . Hope everyone else is OK today .

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  • that's all great news Pauline - except that you still have the pain!! You just needed the right person to listen and see your situation. Our physio has been our greatest ally. It is our local MSA group meeting today so we look forward to catching up with others who are struggling with this ridiculous condition!!

  • Yes you are right it's been awful today I have had physio today and she thinks it might need surgery on the muscle (Bicep) I think she said so I have to see another specialist. Its never ending

  • Hope you had a good meeting, I can't get to one can't drive anymore and I think the nearest to me is Sheffield not sure need to check it out.

  • I'm so glad for you. Glenn

  • Hello. This is my first post. My husbandhas possible has MSA - C. He cannot walk, feed himself, Speak or read, but has no continence issues. He has been suffering horribly from pain in his left shoulder and arm. Eventually independently he has been prescribed clonazepam from the sleep clinic and Baclofen from the GP. He now has an organised pain ladder and the effect that has been quite transformational. Not easy to get these things sorted as health professionals are groping in the dark. Hopefully this might help you.

  • Hello thanks it does help to no other people have similar problems, I live alone I have wonderful friends and family but there not there in the middle of the night and you're in pain no one to talk to or cuddle I think they will start me on treatment soon

    Thank you Pauline

  • Welcome to this community tingates. When Jax was prescribed with Clonazepam (after a suggestion from the MSA nurse) it transformed our nights sleep together. Rather than beating me up all night she now sleeps through with only rare sleep disturbances. She probably misses not being able to be able to give me a good right hook and blame MSA!

    One of the strengths of this community (and the help from MSA nurses) is that suggestions of ways to solve issues are forthcoming. We have been so helped by others we want to try and give some help back where we can.

    Take care, Ian

  • Ian, hello, thanks. Yes, our nights are much more peaceful. Hopefully the forum helps us all to find solutions rather more quickly than groping in the dark.

  • That's good news. Once you find a good physio or OT your made. We had a wonderful OT. They are invaluable. Keep smiling.


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