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Welcome to the MSA Trust Community at HealthUnlocked!

The goal of our community is to provide an open, supportive, informative, respectful and friendly community for anyone affected by MSA.

This site is moderated by the MSA Trust Admin team and HealthUnlocked.

Important: Posts on this site can support, but not replace the information and advice you receive from your Neurologist, GP, or other Health and care professional. Members who post or answer questions on the site should not be assumed to be healthcare professionals. For specific information and advice about MSA please contact our MSA Nurse Specialists at

Rules of our Community:

• By using the Community, you agree to post information that is primarily drawn from your personal experience.

• We encourage all posts be kept under a Topic and posts should aim to be kept on topic.

• A new Post should be started to discuss a new issue or question.

• Content should never be abusive, malicious or deliberately misleading or fake. Any posts or Comments that contain negative or harmful references to others will be deleted.

• Members should not post personal information of any kind on the site.

• Posts that promote a product may be deleted.

Those who break these rules and guidelines repeatedly may have their account suspended or be banned entirely.

Both these guidelines and the HU guidelines are subject to change at any time without notice. If you have any concerns about posts or users in the HU community, please contact

Thank you and we hope you enjoy using the MSA Trust HealthUnlocked Community.

5 Replies

  • Can anyone help me iam recently diagnosed with MSA feel alone and lost only read about it online. I can't walk unaided speach is bad no one understands what I'm there anywhere I can talk or get written information about treatment and what is happening to me. I live alone and finding things hard now

  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear you're going through such a difficult time at the moment and I understand how difficult things must be. Here at the MSA Trust we can provide you with lots of written information about MSA and various symptoms. If you like you can email us on and we are more than happy to either email you back with fact sheets or we can pop them in the post for you. The full range of fact sheets can also be found on our website -

    If you wanted to talk to someone our MSA Nurse Specialists are here to help. You can call one of them to discuss any questions or concerns you may be having and receive advice on things that might help and support you. All three of their contact details can be found on the bottom of this page on the website - or you can give our office a call on 0333 323 4591 and we will get them to call you back.

    I hope that is helpful and please do let me know if you have any questions.

    Best wishes, Emma

  • Thanks for your prompt reply, I will download the information you have sent and phone number I can contact someone if l need to thanking you so much for your help.pauline

  • Hi Pauline,

    That's no problem at all - we're more than happy to help you. It might also be helpful for you to do another post on this HealthUnlocked forum under one of the topics. That way people will hopefully reply to you and you can get communication going with some other people affected by MSA. Let me know if you need any help with this.

    Best wishes, Emma

  • Hi Pauline. Do use the help that the MSA Trust can offer. they are so understanding and down to earth and approachable. Don't feel alone. You can email the trust nurses if you are concerned about your speech on the phone and they will reply.


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