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Charity Ball!

Hi Everyone,

I just thought I would let everyone know that every year in May I host a Charity Ball in aid of CLICSargent, (cancer and leukaemia in childhood) however after finding out about MPD Voice I have decided to split the profits from ticket sales and the auction between both ClicSargent and MPD Voice.

Closer to the time I will post a link up to where you can buy tickets from for the event. On average the event usually makes around £4000 in profit (hopefully more next year) which is given straight to the charities. This year the event will be held in Manchester, which I know might not be an ideal location for everyone but it would be great for members of MPDvoice to attend and spread the word!

More details to follow, however feel free to contact me before then :)

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Dear Jennie

This is fantastic, thank you so much, I will ask Rachel, our fundraising co-ordinator to get in touch with you about this.

We really appreciate this. Maz.


Hi Maz,

It's not a problem I honestly really enjoy doing it :)



Hi Jennie, this is really great news - thank you very much for your support. My work email is Please let me know if there is any support we can give you, whether you need information etc. Look forward to hearing from you, Rachel.


Excellent idea, thank you.


Manchester might be nice in May! I would consider travelling! Chris


How wonderful


HI Jennie

Look forward to attending next year, I hope to encourage the others I know with an MPN to join me, makes me think could we do other stuff to raise money around the country, will watch out for the link


Thank you Jennie


Hi Jennie, this sounds great. I'll include this in our forthcoming fundraising events section

Editor MPD Voice


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