Any recent fundraisers or plans to fundraise for MPD Voice?

Hi - I'm currently compiling the patient newsletter MPD Voice and know that many of you are fundraising or have plans to fundraise for our work. Just a quick request that you let us know so that we can thank you in our next newsletter and also if it's for a future date we can also publicise this to our community. Thanks

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  • Very keen to know about the Christmas cards as I know I could sell some to family and friends!

  • Yes, time is getting short now.

  • Very keen to buy the christmas cards.

  • Christmas cards now available visit our website for more details

  • Yes, I have just sent a cheque to MPD Voice for £ 510 in lieu of birthday presents for my 70th Birhday in October. I also raised £575 in July when I did the Abseil at KIngs College Hospital. I gather I was the oldest!

    I was diagnosed with MF just over 5 years ago and am still keeping going thanks to steroids and hydroxycarbamide. Have all the other symptons but life is to be lived.


  • Well done Trish! x

  • Well done and many thanks - would you like to have your picture featured in the newsletter? Can you let Maz know your email and she will pass this onto me.

  • The charity ball that I posted on the blog area of the group, more details will follow in January.


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