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I have tried to place this text into the "Questions" area but there seems to be something I have not got to grips with. When I post short question it tells me that I have to place longer questions in the next area. When I do it says to me that I haven't asked a question. I have also tried placing questions in both areas but it still willl not let me post. Am I being stupid?

The question I wished to ask is: What is the meaning of the term "(virtual)" which has now started to appear after the name of my consultant on the hospital Haematology Department letters I receive. Does it mean that this consultant will only be available to speak to by webcam?

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Hello CrazyDaisy, I do not know but it does really sound like it! Ring and ask!

No, you're just not used to all this stuff, not to worry. You will be Wiz in a short while!;-)


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