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Has anyone experienced a rapid rise in haematocrit?

I had a blood test on the 13th August and my haematocrit was 0.45 but by the time I had my next blood test on 10th September it had risen to 0.49

It had been fairly stable for a couple of months before that and my dose of HU had not changed (1,500mg 4 times a week and 1,000mg 3 times a week) for quite some time so I am quite taken aback at this increase. My platelets had remained fairly stable - only increasing from 584 to 602

Because of the rise in haematocrit my HU has been increased to 1,500mg 5 times a week and 1,000mg twice a week and I have been booked to have 3 venesections at two week intervals (I had the first one on Friday).

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced such a rapid rise in haematocrit for no apparent reason?

Thanks in advance,


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hey, that's not a rapid rise! by my standards thats a normal gentle progression! i guess its just our bone marrows becoming more tolerant of the hu, so it has less dampening effect. haematologist offered me more hu or more frequent venusections. sound familiar? it's a worry though isn't it ....


jane13, did you receive my pm ?


Hi Jane13, If you click on the messages tab at the top of the page you'll find it.


I dont want to trivalise the situation but did they re check the Hct. I had a blood test and my hct was 48.3, a few weeks later it was apparently 39.9 then it was retested two days later and it was apparently 45.3. Counts can vary a bit but make sure its the exact same procedure each time, the 39.9 was done at the veniesection dept and for some reason its always lower there as opposed to clinic despite all the ebloods going to the same lab. If you get a bit of a scary lab best re check it first.


That happened to me last years and I had more frequent venosections .Then it all settled down again ? There seems to be no pattern at times and I think its very variable for many people .Hope your levels settle back to your normal pattern l soon


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