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Has anyone noticed that their skin is easily broken, e.g. when gardening?

I have MF, which 'migrated' from PVR about 3 years ago. (I was diagnosed with PVR in 1983). Lately I have noticed that my skin seems to be getting frail. I have been very surprised a few times lately, when gardening or doing some physical work, that I have scratches or skin that has been scrapped away and is bleeding. I didn't notice that I had damaged the skin, no pain or anything to make me look until when I was changing my clothing or going for a shower.

It could be that I am 66 and perhaps this is a peculiarity that happens when you get old!

I was wondering if other fellow MPN patients had similar experiences.

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Hi MichaelS - As Ive posted I have PMF 6yrs and Ive noticed my skin hands,arms face seems much dryer of late which Ive put down to the Hydroxycarbamide - cant blame the sun this year. Im even thinking of trying a moisturising cream to see if it helps. Cant say Ive had a specific issue with the skin damaging easily, my father in law does but he's 89 so he has many years on you. However I will monitor it and watch for any further change. Hope you're doing generally ok . Cheerz 4 now


Hello MichaelS--Hydroxycarbamide can cause thinning skin it is listed as a side effect . I have PRV and have been on and off Hydroxy for the last two and a half years as I'M can't tolerate it very well. So if your on hydroxy or something similar that could be what's causing it but flag it up to your consultant. Good luck to you.


Thanks for that maestro. I have been on varying doses of hydroxy since 1983. I shall have to read the literature again!


I have the same problem. I have now acquired a Wicklow and two other sore fingers. I wonder if the PVC affects the nerves and decreases sensitivity ? I am 67


Hi hollymae,I think you are right ,my skin has changed dramaticly over the last 12 months,I have brown age spots now even on my face,which is a real pain ,I use Clinique to cover them .my hands get dry and sore,when I work outside with my big dogs,any knock won't heal.and my nails get ridged and break easily,it might be age ,but I think it's more to do with the PV ,and the drugs,we have to take....I'm on ruxolitinib now....


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