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Does anyone with MPD and taking interferon suffer with stomach problems?

I haven been experiencing problems with trapped/painful wind at night which disturbs my sleep. Have had scans, tests and medication for all obvious potential causes as well as an elimination diet regime for most food allergies including a 3 week detox eating plan. As I am on Interferon I wondered if this was a contributing factor but my consultant is not very clear on this when I've asked.

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From my own expericence on Interferon, i would say no, i can honestly say that i must have had 99% of all the known side affects of the Interferon injections and it was tough going at times, but i never had any stomach problems, apart from my appetite which was zero, resulting in weight loss.


I have suffered similar pains with interferon , and drinking camomile , fennel or peppermint teas helped to calm it down .


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