Living with MPDS 2013

Hi, I have decided to attend the MPD 2013 day on 16 November 2013 so have gone ahead and booked flights. I got a really good deal at the President Hotel Russell Square - £147 for 2 nights B&B and 3 course meal each night also. Its the "Lets go weekend" deal if anyone else is interested. You have the choice of other hotels within the group, some have no supplement so it is £125 for the 2 nights B&B & dinners.

Regards, Aime

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  • Hi Aime, are you going alone? I would quite like to attend but not sure i want to go alone? I,m a bit out of touch, where is the forum being held? Is it on 13th?

  • Sorry meant to say 16th.

  • Hi Piggie50, the Living with MPDs Day is indeed on Saturday 16th November, in the Brunei Gallery, School of Oriental and African Studies, Thornhaugh Street, London, Russell Square, London, WC1H 0XG, full details, including how to book, are available here hope you can make it. Maz

  • Hi Maz, I can't seem to get into the page to book. I will try calling tomorrow.

  • Hi Piggie50, Yes I am flying down from Aberdeen to Heathrow on my own and will be at hotel on my own too, so you are welcome to join me - it would be good to have company. Regards Aime

  • Hello Aime. I am also going on my own!. I was so worried that I would be the only one sitting by myself. I live just outside London. So I will not stay in town. Just get the tube in. We should all meet up. All the guys who are on our own

  • hi, im traveling from Dublin and its turning out pricy enough with flights and accom. My sister will be coming with me for morel support. Looking forward to meeting you all there. x

  • It's great to see that you are all coming, and travelling from afar, please don't worry about being on your own, we are a really friendly bunch and we will make sure that you are not left standing on your own, the atmosphere at our forums is always great and friendly and there are a few regulars that make sure that people on their own are introduced to other people. Maz.

  • Hi All, I arrive at Heathrow on 15 November at 1335 hours so will then make my way to the President Hotel. On the Sunday I leave from Heathrow again at 1530 hours. Looking forward to meeting everyone and happy to arrange to meet up before or at the Forum. Kind regards Aime

  • Hi all, I have booked the President Hotel for two nights, Friday and Saturday. Not sure of my arrival time yet as too soon to book the train. I will be travelling from Exeter, Devon and will aim to arrive around lunchtime, (maybe get some shopping in). I will let you know my mobile number Aime then maybe we can meet up for dinner with whoever else is on their own or who wants company.

    Best Regards Judy x

  • Hi judy,am thinking of going on the 16th Nov, went to cardiff last November ,like to go to london and meet & hear from the expert,s,waill be traveling from devon maybe barnstaple to exeter or drive to tiverton to waterloo then book over night stay,would be good to meet up with you ,you sound like you live near ,maybe share company on journey ? Maggie

  • Hi maggie, I think I will do the exeter to paddington train on the Friday and will come back on Sunday. I'm sure the train will either stop at Tiverton or Taunton.

  • Hi will look into what is best be great to meet up am thinking friday-sunday and will book the president must do soon!well look,s like theres going to be a group off use .maggie

  • Hi , im coming from Truro

  • That would be great. Aime x

  • Hi, let me know you train nearer the time. I'm coming from Truro. Nathan

  • Hi All

    Thats great that everyone is going to meet up. I wasnt looking forward to being my own in the hotel. Aime

  • Hi everyone, just getting some prices of hotels, where are you all staying and do you know if they are close to venue

  • Hi kentuckyrain, The President Hotel is in Russell Square quite close to venue - if my map reading skills are correct! I think a few of us are booked in there. Ask for or look for the "Lets go weekend" deal which was £147 but includes two breakfasts and two dinners or lunches. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Aime

  • just booked the president hotel for the 15th and 16th for myself and my sister, looking forward to seeing u all there

  • Hi I hope to be there with my husband. He has ET. We went to this in 2011 and found it to be very informative and helpful. I have registered but haven't booked flights or hotels yet as I have to wait to have leave confirmed at work. it would be nice to see some one else there from Dublin.

  • I'd like to attend, do you need to purchase tickets? I'll be coming from Essex using the c2c into Fenchurch Street if anyone in the area would like company.

  • Hi NewBloom, the event is free to attend, however you do need to register to attend, please use this link which will take you to the Hartley Taylor conference calendar, you will need to scroll down the page to the November listings and then scroll to the 16 November Living with MPDs Day entry where you will find links for the programme, travel info and registration form.

    kind regards.


  • Thanks, I've now registered

  • We found a National holidays weekend in London on offer for the same weekend. Saturday is the one free day, we will be at the Living with MPDs Forum. The plus side is this has enabled us to have a long weekend in London and perhaps see a show, etc. If your travelling down from Yorkshire it is well worth seeing if there is any availability left. here is the link

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