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Hello, my name is Maz, I am the administrator for MPD Voice. I was diagnosed with ET (Essential Thrombocythaemia) in December 2003, it took a while for my diagnosis to be confirmed after having been told that I was suffering from hay fever, if only! I was really frustrated by the lack of information available and after trawling the internet I came across MPD Support (our previous name). There was such a lot of useful information on their site and I instantly felt there were people out there who knew how I was feeling and could offer help and support. I offered to help them if I could, I didn't expect such a swift reply and was instantly snapped up to help with registrations, sending people a welcome email or letter. Then the tasks grew, could I just send out an information email telling people about upcoming events; could I just help with the buddy programme, matching people up with a buddy, and so on. I enjoy being part of MPD Voice and having contact with lots of lovely people not just here in the UK but across the world. Have you visited our website yet? Why not have a look

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Thanks for all of your time and effort the rest of us rely on people like you to support us :)


Thank you for all your efforts. I was diagnosed with ET in 2007. My haematologist just handed me some leaflets and I was told to contact Cancerbackup for support. This in itself completely freaked me out - CANCER!!!! It wasn't until I found the MPD Voice website that I understood what the condition was actually about. I attended one of their forums in Edinburgh which was invaluable. Once again, thank you for all your effort - it is much appreciated.


MPD Voice is a true God send. You are all bringing hope in what at first can feel like a hopeless situation. May you all be truly blessed and may many doors be opened to you all as you push forward into new ground. I am so very thankful for your commitment and would like to let you know that I think you are all amazing! Thank you Xx


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