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Covid Antibody Research Study


Hi Folks , , after recent discussion here about whether or not to pay £49 for a Antibody Test kit I have just opened a letter inviting me to partake in a study of same conducted by Imperial College London and Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Dept of Health and Social Care.

It says I was chosen at random and taking part is voluntary. I need to register on line using a code provided or via a freephone 0800 number. It all looks to be above board.

Reckon I will give it a whirl as I've had both jabs and curious to learn if I have antibodies given my immuno-suppression. And it's foc.

However it does state that the test isn't "%100 accurate at an individual level" so make of that what you will.

If I opt in I will post my result.

Regards - Chris

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Hi Chris, I got the same invitation in the post on Mon, so I have registered to take part. I noted the details on the back of the letter 'you will be able to see the outcome of the antibody test within 10 to 15 minutes, but please be aware that the antibody test is not 100% accurate at an individual level. A positive test does not necessarily mean that you are fully protected from getting COVID-19 or passing on the virus, and a negative test does not necessarily mean you do not have antibodies that may provide protection against COVID-19. Whatever your test result, it is important that you continue to follow the current Government advice'.

So we shall see. Maz

JediReject in reply to Mazcd

Hi Maz, , good we can contribute in some small way though appreciate test isn't infallible, it won't change my caution levels that's for sure. I havent yet read the back of the letter but will. Chris x

azaelea in reply to JediReject

I’ve just read on the NHS website regarding antibody tests that they do not tell you if you’re immune to COVID-19. Wondering what the Research Study will tell them.


Hi Chris interesting. Personally I ve reached sod it mode. Had both Pfizer vaccines now and I don’t want to know! I m certainly not isolating for another two years.......they just need to stop inbound travel for anyone from India. Louise xxx

Paul_1971 in reply to Loubprv

They have, you have to stay in a hotel now if incoming from India.

JediReject in reply to Loubprv

Hi Louise, I certainly wouldn't have paid for a test and it won't diminish my caution level even if I'm awash with antibodies. I too was jumping when I read that up to 1500 peops a day we're arriving from India to beat the restriction deadline. I don't know if that was true. I then saw yesterday science bods concerned over levels of Indian variant across UK. I see Paul has mentioned the quarantine but I think there should be no influx. It's been an issue throughout the pandemic.

Chris x

That’s brilliant news Chris. I’ll be really interested to hear your results. x

JediReject in reply to piggie50

Yes Judy, after our previous discussions on this topic and your disappointment I had to chuckle at the irony of my getting this opportunity. I will most likely do it though I'm terrible at actioning things by the due date but did excel myself by completing the Census well within time recently. Will post results.

Chris x

piggie50 in reply to JediReject

I would do it again if I had a freebie in the post 😂 x

I would be Thrilled! I would jump at it. I registered for vaccine trials- gutted when they contacted me and rejected me. Even though I had filled in a health questionnaire.

JediReject in reply to Wyebird

Hi Wyebird, , a volunteer is worth 100 pressed men or should that be persons . . . Whatever it's a pity you weren't selected when you're keen to do it. You never know you might get the same letter because they'll be mailing thousands out I reckon. Chris

Hello Chris, good to see you here. Since I am still on immunosuppressive meds, I’m curious about that too. I asked my doc recently and he stated that they expect I will get at least some immunity but probably not full. The other vaccines I have received since my transplant showed a positive response, so they believe this one should also. Hope you’re doing well.

JediReject in reply to buddin11

Hi buddin11 it's good to hear from you, , yes well maybe it's best to trundle along in ignorance, , whatever my outcome it won't change my caution level. I'm doing ok ish I'd say. I think my Osteoporosis is affecting me adversely as I seem to be in discomfort most days but one mustn't let these things get on top of you so I'm trying to revamp the garden with my good wife's help. Do a bit rest a bit !


Hi Chris,

We are part of the ONS swab survey, and we got a letter yesterday inviting us onto their antibody survey. We had our routine monthly swab on Tuesday and we should be up and running for the antibody prick test in May, I too am interested in the results and have had 2 jabs (Pfizer).

Good luck


JediReject in reply to ourlife

Hi Ourlife , , my Sis and Partner on that too so will ask if they're doing same. Thanks for letting me know. I had the AZ vaccine. Be interesting to know if one type does better than the other though likely many variables so probably won't mean much. Good luck with your results.


If you are able to find out the name of the test that is being used you may be able to find the IFU - instructions for use on the web, which may have information on the sensitivity (amount of antibody in the sample required for it to be detected or if tested against know positive samples the percentage of correctly identified positive samples ) and specificity (how good it is at detecting the covid 19 antibodies or how often a negative sample is incorrectly identified as a positive). The information may not be in the IFU because like the vaccines these diagnostic tests are very new and any testing kit can not guarantee 100 percent on these criteria.

Probably more information than anyone wanted😄

As Maz said we don't know what level of antibodies in the blood is protective, but having antibodies is a bonus.

All the best


JediReject in reply to DC1916

I shall spend a little time looking , , appreciate that test accuracy may be flawed but as you say any antibodies showing will be a bonus. Chris

DC1916 in reply to JediReject

Hi Chris, I had a look on the web, but it look like the kit for the study may be a latera flow self test at home so the IFU is step by step instructions with pictures suitable for anyone to use and does not contain any scientific data. So we would have to get information on the manufacture.Keep well.


JediReject in reply to DC1916

Thanks for taking the time to check this out Catherine, I will wait to see what arrives and if there is any additional information to go on. Take care - Chris

Hi Chris, I have been doing the Oxford University and ONS study into Covid on a monthly basis, and today they have asked us to do the anti bodies test also, which we are going to do up until April of next year, I don't mind as we get £25 vouchers for doing, I only hope that when I do the blood sample that I don't bleed all over the place 🥴 just really excited to be involved.Hope you are keeping well.

Jean x

Hi Jean , , I'm tootling along thanks, , get a bit frustrated as some outside jobs I used to do easily now need to be paced, left undone or my wife tackles. A small,price to pay for being here I guess. My Sister and partner are doing the ONS Study too. They both had Covid in the New Year and her partner kept testing positive long after my Sister though apparently he couldn't pass it on after a certain point. I will ask if they're doing antibodies.

It is good to feel you're contributing in some small way I think.

Regards Chris x

Hi Chris, yes they are doing Antibodies, they start next month with our swab test.Bet you do feel frustrated, everything must take that bit longer to do, but achievement never the less.

Jean x

Hi I wrote to Esther McVey my mp regarding the vaccine protection this is a reply from the vaccine minister



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JediReject in reply to PhilReade

Hey Phil , , , many thanks for sharing this , , I must admit I did feel a little like I was volunteering for a trial when I had my first jab as I knew it hadn't been rigorously tested on different groups in the time available which I accept wasn't possible. I'm hoping I don't experience the same leg pains now I've had my 2nd jab as I did following the first though whether the vaccine was the cause I don't know. If I do then I will be reporting it. Cheers - Chris


This is really interesting. I wonder if it's possible to offer to volunteer to this study? Having had Covid as well as the AZ vaccine it might be useful to have another perspective of antibodies created by the virus and boosted by the vaccine. Looking forward to hearing your results.

JediReject in reply to paintbox

Hi Paintbox, , I don't think you will be able to volunteer given Ipsos MORI involvement hence the random selection process to ensure one group isn't favoured over another etc. , but something else might crop up you never know. I will of course post my result. Chris

Great. Do let us know the result, however inaccurate!

JediReject in reply to Bluetop

Haha Bluetop , , yes of course, , Chris

It will certainly be interesting to know about antibodies, but I wonder if ways of testing the other elements of the immune response are also being developed? We really need to know the whole picture!

JediReject in reply to mjn500

Agreed mjn500, , the current testing appears fairly superficial and unreliable esp for immuno compromised peops. As we will likely need to live alongside Covid for the foreseeable future testing at a deeper level to provide that 'whole picture' as you put it assumes greater importance for those folk who wish to know. Guess it's a case of watch this space but I hope things are moving in that direction.


Hi Jedi!As an orchestra member in Vienna, My husband has been having CPR AB tests for Corona 1-3x weekly since last May, when the test were first available. We also have many Uni professor Dr. friends working on the Corona front line in the hospitals here. There’s the quick antibody test and the CPR.

The CPR is apparently >99% accurate. The quick tests not so, depending on how well they are done at home and elsewhere.

Do hope you’ll have antibodies and get out and about!!😁

JediReject in reply to Anag

Hi Anag, , thanks for your interesting reply. To be honest I haven't much faith in the finger pick test but whatever the outcome I won't immediately be changing anything , mask or hand gel wise and assessing the risk factor of places or shops etc I may wish to go for some time to come. After all this time of caution a few more months won't harm and the added bonus is I'm saving my shekels so I can afford to go a bit mad when I do choose to break free. Regards - Chris

Anag in reply to JediReject

Positiv as always Chris!We don’t have a finger prick hier. We have to gargle or get a 6 inch swab through our nostril to the back of our throat, and that, every time we need to enter a hospital or have to visit people or they, us. A real nuisance. As you say, it’s only a few more months. 🙂 have a good one.

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