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COVID vaccines and risk of blood clots


After a careful review of the data, UK and International regulatory agencies confirmed yesterday (18.3.21) that the risk of blood clots after COVID vaccination is no greater than that seen in the general population at large.

We encourage all MPN patients to get vaccinated and to continue their medications around the time of vaccination.

There is no benefit of one vaccine over another, and so we recommend MPN patients accept the vaccine offered to them as soon as possible.

Regarding the results of the study featured on the BBC recently reporting poor vaccine outcomes in blood cancer patients, we want to confirm that MPN patients are likely to have better responses and were not included in the reported study.

Lastly, many thanks to everyone who participated in our recent vaccination survey – we are thrilled with 1010 responses. If you have not yet participated in the survey, it is still open

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Hi Mazcd

The BBC put blood cancer patients at 8-13 protection off both jabs is this not the case for MPN patients and what would be our likely protection after both vaccines ?

I’m really worried obviously on this matter after isolating for most of the last 12 months

Some of my younger family are refusing the vaccine which I’m concerned about meeting with them once I’ve had my second vaccine due to the level of protection highlighted in the BBC report,

I’d be grateful for any information on this



Paul_1971 in reply to PhilReade

There was only one patient who was with an MPN or MDS patient, and as far as i know it didnt detail if that patient was one of those protected.

Far to small to even be considered to be a viable study

Thanks a lot Maz for this update!

I have the rare thrombosis mentioned (CVST). Was discovered after I had 'stroke like' symptoms about 2 years ago. Most of it still remains in my head but the blood has found other pathways to drain out (your brain is quite amazing). After investigation of the cause of the CVST, ET Jak2+ was diagnosed as the cause and was probably the cause of a small heart attack 10 years previously. The interesting information I found out on a CVST forum, after my diagnosis, was that there were a lot of young females on the forum and the main cause of their thrombosis was the cotraceptive pill. That might explain the mainly 'young female' population of patients diagnosed in the EU!

Thanks for your post - but neither of these links show the results of any trials done with MPN patients - or have I missed that?

If trials have not been done with MPN patients - then why the recommendation?

I really don't want to be a guinea pig for this.

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