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Post by MPN-MATE Admin » Tue Oct 27, 2020 11:44 am

Morning all... :D

Not that I wish to be the bringer of any more harsh news concerning the COVID–19 pandemic that remains prevalent to all our existence at present.

However, this article from America's CDC organisation, discusses the findings of some rather large scale surveys concerning CV–19, and our various different blood types.

To place a simple caution upon things,

"If we know that our Blood Types is one that increases our CV–19 risk of severity, then we must take action to protect ourselves, as best we may..." in my view...

Please see the article pasted below:

Stay safe & well


OCT. 14, 2020

Your blood type may predict your risk for severe COVID-19

(HealthDay)—There's more evidence that blood type may affect a person's risk for COVID-19 and severe illness from the disease.

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Great news(possibly!) for me .i’m O

Thanks for link .

socrates_8 in reply to Mostew

Excellent ... :-)

You're most welcome...


Pre transplant O neg. Post A. 😀

socrates_8 in reply to MFBMT2011

Morning Chris...

Am I to understand you correctly, that your entire 'Blood Type' has been forever altered & completely changed from an 'O' Type to 'A' Type?

If so, I was not even aware that could actually occur... That is fascinating...


MFBMT2011 in reply to socrates_8

That is what I have been led to believe. Guess as my marrow and blood are based on Sarah, my donor. I did ask and was told I am now A

Also understood that my dna can be either of us depending where it is taken. Thought this was just blood/marrow related but remember reading about someone having samples of their donor turning up in various places.

I remember my chimerism was checked at one month post SCT and I was 100%, 100% and ‘all but dammit’ changed to my donor. It was then100%across the board at 3 & 6 months.

Haven’t joined one of your coffee zooms but happy to do so if I could help anyone even by just being there 😀


socrates_8 in reply to MFBMT2011

Hey Chris...

I am very grateful as always for your input in particular... As you are well aware, yours is a most interesting story of the success of modern technology, a compatible donor, and landing on the right-side of what I like to refer to as the 'Goldilockes' equation, where everything was 'Just right' 8-)

I suppose, the transference of DNA & blood type from yours to your 'Donor's' is logical, when one considers all things... Still fascinating none the less to this easily distracted mind of mine...

A similar form of Tech. has also been trialled for changing one's 'Gut-bacteria' which involves the planting of another's faecal matter etc...

Chris, please always feel welcome to join in on any of our ZOOM Cafe Catchups, as you would always be made to feel most welcome of course, and I am sure that there are always MPNers who could learn a great deal from you and your experiences, just as I am continuing to do almost every time we speak... 8-)

I have promised to try to make the next ZOOM Cafe meeting for a more suitable time to the USA, as usually they are unable to join us when I am trying to accommodate those in the UK etc. However, you are welcome to try to join us if you wish, and again you are welcome of course Chris... Always my friend...

I will Post out the 'Invitations' for mid-late November for our next meeting, and if you are able to join us, excellent!

If not, just wait for the next one where I will again be trying to accommodate those in the UK again, of course... :-)

Best wishes, stay safe & well you & yours Chris...


Doggy1903 in reply to socrates_8

Would you be kind enough to send me a link for a coffee zoom too please? A great pleasure to talk with other MPN folks!

many thanks.

mhos61 in reply to socrates_8

I’m amazed too!!

I wonder if Rh- or Rh+ play a role too, I remember reading long before covid 19 that Rh- is more resistant to viruses

socrates_8 in reply to Tess74

Hey Tess... :-)

Can't say that I know much about the Rh blood sub types (-&+)

I did find this You Tube that shows it seems most pertinent to pregnant mothers & the need to careful in the earlier stages of pregnancy, 7 especially so if it is the 2nd pregnancy...

Hopefully, the YouTube will help explain better...

This unfortunately answers NO questions relating to COVID–19...

Which possibly means there are no Trials completed or recorded as yet for Rh blood types, sorry I cannot help more in this regard at present...

Please stay safe & well, and never stop asking questions... :-)

I'll keep searching for better answers too...

Best wishes


socrates_8 in reply to Tess74


Here's another You Tube that might be a tad clearer, however, it does not connect Rh blood Types to CV–19, just explains some of the differences between ABO & Rh Blood Types etc...

Best wishes


I'm A+ but I'm being incredibly careful not to catch it anyway, especially now I'm on Ruxolitinib. I am lucky to live in one of the lowest risk areas in the UK.


Yes, it should mean that we need to be more diligent to avoid becoming infected...

In this new reality, (& at least until a vaccine is produced), this is our new world, and I am sure that if we act as responsibly as we can that we should all be able to manage & negotiate our way clear of CV–19...

Stay safe & well... & glad to hear that the Ruxolitinib is improving things for you too...

Best wishes


I read that article and it’s an interesting find. I’m A+ so I guess I need to be even more careful.

socrates_8 in reply to Cja1956

Hey Cindy... :-)

Yes, you'll need to take a little more care too... As should everyone here in my view, in any event! None of want or need more complications I am sure...

Stay safe & well...


All the pills I have taken over my lifetime, would outdo Boots chemist! I am O+ some good news for a change, there is life in the old bugger yet! thanks for making my day!

socrates_8 in reply to Adlon57

Hey there... :-)

Pleasure... 8-)

Stay safe & well...


I'm A+, and have and will continue to be extra careful during the pandemic, until the time when/if there is a vaccine available.

I was 'unlucky' enough to have contracted H1N1 (Swine Flu) in 2009. Although there is no concrete proof, I believe H1N1 caused the Jak2+ mutation - my Haem has confirmed that it wasn't in my bone marrow prior to 2009 and appeared after H1N1.

Swine flu knocked me for six for about 3 months and my health hasn't been the same since. So, with the knowledge I now have about Covid-19, I am taking every precaution to avoid it. Back in 2009 there was very little in the way of publicity. I believe it was when the slogan "Catch it, Bin it, Kill it" was coined. A lot of good that did me... :)

Thanks Steve. interesting research article. I'm type O + so good news for me.

socrates_8 in reply to azaelea

Hey there azaelea... :-)

It is a good study I believe, and there are no 'Conflicts of Interest' hence, it appears to be sound in its findings, at this point at least...

Yes, definitely best to have an 'O' Type under such circumstances...

Stay safe & well...


Thanks for this information Steve, it is much appreciated. I'm AB+, and while already taking care, it's very timely to be reminded not to be complacent. So many people don't seem to understand social distancing... Those on this site especially need to look after themselves.

socrates_8 in reply to MPNBlog

Pleasure... :-)

Very true... Cannot be complacent during these days especially when there is yet to be a working vaccine, and where greater vigilance is required because of our various levels of complaint etc...

Best wishes


That's interesting information. I wonder if irradiation for type "O"transfusion blood effects it's advantage.

socrates_8 in reply to Pte82

Hey Pte82... :-)

Not sure but good question, as both being irradiated & having chemo' can produce other issues in some people at a later stage etc...

Stay safe & well...


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