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Hi does anyone take probiotics tablets for Ibs? if so what are the best ones i take actimel but my ibs is still bad i am waking in the nights and needing the toilet and get pains i wanted to try a tablet form of probiotic? thanks

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I do take probiotics, though not for IBS. There a number of high-quality brands on the Market. TruFlora and TruBifido are just two examples. I deliberately change the formulation every month. The goal is to get the maximum diversity in your microbiome possible. Broadly speaking, look for the broadest range of bacteria types with the highest level possible. Changing up brands and types is supported by my Integrative Med Doc.

The probiotics are not enough. Your diet needs to also contain the prebiotics and fiber needed to support a health microbiome. Natural sources of probiotics also do help (e.g. yoghurt, kefir, kombucha, fermented veggies, etc).

Hope you get relief soon.

BECCA8 in reply to hunter5582

Hi yes I was going try some yoghurts and see if that helps I have medication off the doctors but doesn’t seem to be doing the job like it use too thanks

Are you considering how some food may affect you ? Also stress ...

BECCA8 in reply to Mostew

Hi yes I am very stressed at the moment so maybe it’s that and I no certain foods I can tolerate esp anything spicy or salads etc

Wondering about getting allergy test I have had coeliac test as it’s in family but that was fine thanks

Smomo in reply to BECCA8

I would try keeping a note of all food eaten and see if there is a pattern of when symptoms are worse or better.

I have found its a combination of things that helps. No use having perfect diet if still stressed

Kefir is more beneficial. Than yoghurt and easy, quick to make

BECCA8 in reply to Smomo

Ok thank you yes I think I will try keep food diary

Smomo in reply to BECCA8

Look up Paul jener book. Beat Your Irritable Bowel Syndrome in 7 simple steps.. You can order at library.

BECCA8 in reply to Smomo

Thank you

I use kefir as a natural form of probiotic - I'm having my morning glass as I type. :)

Hope you find relief from your symptoms soon. Kari.

BECCA8 in reply to Kari1961

Hi do you find that works? I think will have a go at making my own thanks

Hi there, my husband had terrible problems with the stomach but then I started to make Kefir and now he has absolutely no problems at all. Try to get some grains and make your own.Very easy to do and you will know what is in it.

BECCA8 in reply to Swede

Hi ok thanks I will give that a go and that’s good for ibs is it?

Hi I had a colonoscopy recently I’m taking acidophilus daily pro biotic vitamins

I was put on Mebeverine from hospital

BECCA8 in reply to PhilReade

Do you find the probiotics help? There’s so many to choose from I took mebeverine for years but they don’t seem to be doing much now

The pro biotic helps and kefir I take every morning really good

The best advice from a nutritionist was to cut wheat to only once a day, eat the rainbow and add things like kefir, sauerkraut and fermented foods to my diet.... Currently eating my porridge with Blueberries, spiced stewed plums, pomegranate and topped with walnuts and kefir.

Definitely know that the better I eat, the better I feel.

BECCA8 in reply to moo196

Ok thank you defo going to give kefir a go is it best to make yourself or can you buy it ?

moo196 in reply to BECCA8

Mine comes from Tesco

BECCA8 in reply to moo196

Ok thanks how long do u need to take it before u see any improvement?

Mostew in reply to BECCA8

Only have small amount to see how you tolerate it . Depends on individual re. Improvement .

Mostew in reply to moo196

VERY easy t make . Buy the starter grains online . You simply add cold milk . That’s it . If you look after them they can reproduce and last for ever!!

Much better for you than bought .

But try a bought one first maybe ..

BECCA8 in reply to moo196

Ok thanks can you buy kefir or best to buy it?

KoroCharlie in reply to moo196

“Definitely know that the better I eat, the better I feel.” I agree wholeheartedly with that. My diet is something I can control and after identifying (by lots of trial and error) foods that don’t agree with me I have found a better life following a primarily plant based diet.

I take Symprove Mango and Passion fruit flavour recommended by a gastroenterologist a couple of years ago for IBS and Diverticular have suffered for many years with both. I am 71 and suffered all my life with IBS so know your pain. I also have ET JAK 2 positive and take Hydroxycarbamide so had to clear with Haematologist first before taking as it’s all natural and water based he was happy for me to take.

This product although expensive, it has worked for me, if you purchase from Symprove, they recommend a 12 week programme , you can spread the cost monthly or they offer buy two boxes and get a third free, just take first thing in the morning when I get up and keep in the fridge, well worth a try. I have only had one flare up in the last two years that was due to the fact that my stomach could not cope with some major stress that I had in my life.

I have always had a good diet, lots of fruit and veg, it’s important to eat plenty of fibre in your diet as well, but don’t over do it, as for some people it can aggravate the situation, drink plenty of water which we all have to do

anyway, and exercise is also good for your mental health, so try to avoid stress.

This is just a suggestion, but it’s worked for me.

Take care


I've also had IBS and found myself constantly doubled over in pain, so uncomfortable. I tried everything, fiber, exercise, water, etc.. Eventually my doctor prescribed both dicyclomine and amitiza. That combination has helped a lot. I don't like the idea of taking meds, but I also hated having constant stomach aches.

Hi I also have IBS and diverticulitis, I have tried various probiotics over the years some expensive ones you keep in the fridge etc. I also tried actimel and Yakults though they didn’t work for me I’m now taking biomel which is a drink that needs to be refrigerated, they have a few different flavours.

I have a glass in the morning with a banana and that sets me up for the day. Some supermarkets sell it but it can be hard to find depending where you are. Also planet organic sell it but it’s more expensive than buying it direct.

BECCA8 in reply to Jonnymitts

Ok great thanks

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