Hydroxycarbamide AM or PM

Hi all, would like to know when you take your meds, AM or PM, any suggestions like on a full stomach, empty stomach, lots of water (kinda hard to do at night) yogurt etc. Also I have IBS the constipation side, does anyone have any problems with constipation with this medicine and if so what do you take to relieve the constipation. Thanks all


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  • Hi Mickey. I only take 500 mg HU 5/ week but take it mid-evening with a full glass of water. I also have IBS/constipation which I treat with Miralax. I don't think the HU has increased the constipation but I drink a lot of non-caffeinated fluid everyday. Good luck. Katie

  • Hi Katie I just started hydroxyurea 500 mg I took it after dinner with a big glass of water. Was there any side effects on that dose. I really am nervous. Thank anne

  • Hi Anne, I just started also take it either before or after dinner with 16 ounces of water. The only troublesome side effect I am having is indigestion. I take 500mg also.

  • Hi Anne. Can relate 100% to fear of Hydroxy. I was the same way. But after a few weeks without problems I'm not very nervous. After my first week and no problems, I thought maybe it took awhile to build up in my blood. I think I've been on it 4 weeks now. Long enough it's finally brought my platelets down significantly yet do not have any noticeable side effects. Like others I drink tons of liquid. I was told that caffeinated liquid doesn't count because it acts like a diuretic. Good luck, try not to worry. As others have commented, they've tolerated that dose (and more) without problems. My doc told me this week that it may help slow down the development of bad side effects from the illness.

  • Hi Mickey, I take 500mg 5 days a week in the evening after dinner with water. Also suffernconstipation but hadn't associated it with Hydroxy before - will have to think about that! All the best, Sandra

  • HI Mickey,

    My husband takes 1x500mg before he goes to bed. He's been on this a week gone Friday and has felt great. He drinks plenty of water through the day.

    Good luck


  • Definitely better at night before going to bed,tried all other options over 6yrs of HU+ other Meds.Often wake during night ,very thirsty,better than the nausea thru the day tho.Drink plenty of water,daily,up to 3 litres at least,Best wishes .

  • Don't forget to have soup too..now the weather is getting chilly ..it's a godsend for us with these digestion problems ,,just chop up vegs garlic and onions ..if you like use a slice or two of chicken or ham ..season well as it will help you drink ,,if you need to gain weight ,,add a little cream before serving for extra calorie intake..I do this all the time .for Bob and myself ..we both work hard outside during the days ,,

    Twinkly. Xxx

  • I take 2 or 3 x 500mg daily. I take them at night, in the belief they make me drowsy. I don't suffer with constipation if I keep my vegetable and fruit intake at a good to high proportion of diet. And yes agree, it is important to keep well hydrated.


  • I'm not a medic but I wouldn't necessarily relate constipation with hydroxy. Constipation is so common mainly because of inadequate diet.

  • A common side effect of Hydroxycarbamide is diarrhoea or constipation, always best to discuss these, or any other symptoms you are experiencing, with your haematologist, they may be able to suggest something to help. Maz

  • After my evening meal, having taken 15 mg of lansaprazole about half an hour before my evening meal. Always with plenty of water taken throughout the day.

    I have been doing this regime for 10 years now.

  • thank you so much, I have been so nervous, almost waiting for me to pass out or light up as Chris says. LOL been crying a lot lately just have had so many things, would be a little easier if it was just one thing, not many things all at once. Been a rough couple of years. I have also had horrible indigestion lately so I might have to go back to the reflux pills was on them for a long time and stop about a year ago. Lansaprazole is that nexium or prilasac?

  • Hi Mickey

    I take mine late eve / before bed, to combat any possible fatigue, ,means I sleep through it found this works best for me. Take with glass of water, due sometimes wake during night feeling thirsty but keep bottle water by my bed. I try to drink plenty of water during day too. It was something my haem and kind people on site have recommended previously.

    I do suffer with constipation but did before I started taking hydroxy or even before I was diagnosed with ET, it is related to a gut condition I have. I would ask your GP/ doctor to help with this, he or she may be able to prescribe something suitable for you. Lizx

  • thanks do you take anything for your constipation I have struggle with it for a long time now, I eat really good, lots of veggies and fruit does not seem to help, oddly enough the yogurt seems to be giving me bad indigestion! Someone said to eat yogurt. UGH its always something.

  • Hi Mickey. I used to have really bad indigestion quite often but it's gone completely since I changed my diet to low sugar (including less fruit... just 2 or 3 pieces a day) I get my sugars I need from veggies & cut out processed food - which includes stuff like bought ketchup, mayo, ham etc as well as more obvious stuff. I also don't drink caffeine but I've been doing that for 25 years! Indigestion has seriously totally gone.

    It sounds hard to do, but there are a number of us on here who have changed or diet significantly & our bodies love it!

    I take 1000mg Hydroxy daily at bed time with full glass of water & drink 3litres during day. I still wake up really thirsty in the morning.

    Good luck.


  • Thanks, I do have serious indigestion but I also struggle with reflux, I hate to go back on the protein pump inhibitors as I had a hard time getting off of them. But it looks like I'm going to have to. I drink a litre before going to bed which wakes me up in the middle of night to run to the bathroom, LOL. I am a coffee lover, don't think I can give that up just yet. I never did do good with pills they just seem to turn on me but I will keep going have to. Thanks

  • I take my meds in the morning when I have my breakfast. I think you're supposed to take them in the evening, but I know I would probably forget as I have an erratic social life. My blood levels have remained fairly static since I was diagnosed two years ago, so I must be doing something right.

  • Hi there, thanks for your response. I'm tending to be a little forgetful on the evening dose but wanted to wait to see what side effects I would get, so far nothing to write home about but I have only been them a couple days. I work full time, I do find getting up is a little daunting in the morning as my days starts at 5AM. I do get this bad taste in my mouth and wake up a tad bit nauseated in the AM but not too bad. It is hard to drink so much water in the evening. Can I ask what your dosage and what your were when diag and now. thanks

  • Hi Mickey. Just wrote a long note but pushed the wrong thing and it disappeared. You can brew coffee in a way that removes much the acidity but doesn't affect flavor. Google it--I don't remember how. I'd also encourage you to find ways to reduce your level of stress. When people say "stress kills," they aren't exaggerating. Do some research and you'll see all the ways it adversely affects us. Getting someone to talk to like a minister/priest or therapist helps a lot. And maybe some medication if your doctor agrees. It's not a sign of weakness but of strength and intelligence to realize you'd benefit from something to relax you so you can cope with everything you've got going on. I've sought out help numerous times over the years because I needed it. It makes life so much better and it's hard enough as it is. Good luck, be well and treat yourself gently. Katie

  • Hi Mickey,

    My doctor recommended drinking 1/4 to 1/2 cup of pear juice in the evening ( found in the baby food section of the grocery) to solve constipation issues. It worked well for me.

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