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Short videos re exciting advances from Ash 2018 re ET, PV and MF

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Very useful review (and expert!) of the Ash Conference by Prof Harrison. She really is very impressive.

and another shorter update

and this is from Prof Kiladjian re Ruxo/Peg Combo therapy

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Thanks Paul very interesting.

Thanks for this Paul. As you say, Prof Harrison is incredibly impressive and communicates extremely well. Oh how I wish my hemo consultant had even half that knowledge of MPNs.


Thank you once again Paul. You lead us to some terrific articles. I wonder if you could help Jane in the post following yours to find Naval Davar talking about Azacitidine on the same site. I fear my instructions are woefully inadequate!

Hopefully I’ve now done so! Well done for spotting this

Best Paul

Thanks for posting. Lot's of positives and, as you say, Professor Harrison very impressive.

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