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Matcha Green Tea!!


Hi guys,

Hope everyone is keeping well! I’ve just discovered Match Green Tea and it’s doing wonders for my stamina and brain power in work. It has more caffeine than coffee and has helped supplement the Vit B12 I take, especially in these dark cold mornings at my desk.

The first morning I got a right old headache of it (pure caffeine headache I could feel the trembles lol) but now I take one each morning and I feel great right through until the evening. My work quality has improved also!!

Anyone else tried it?

Kerry :-)

*always on the lookout for a magic pill 💊

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Just check it out on the Internet re possible kidney/liver damage. I was shocked that I might have been overdoing my green tea detoxing regime! All things in moderation. (I was adding a very small amount of powdered extract to my green tea teabag cuppa.)

Best Paul

Oh really?

I only drink one a day but I’ll certainly look into side effects! Hadn’t even considered there were any!

Thanks Paul.

Didn’t mean to alarm you! I still drink one mug a day with tea bag but stopped the concentrated powder supplement.

Probably being paranoid but very conscious of protecting my liver/kidneys re Pegasys, especially so that can continue to drink my 25 units red wine per week!

I hear that!!

There must always be room for wine🍷


Hi Kerry, more energy would be a gift but I can’t have more than one coffee and two teas a day, otherwise my heartbeat goes to pot. Kind regards Aime xx🙀🙀

Mackydee123 in reply to Aime


It is very potent stuff Aime! Marketed as brain food. I actually haven’t drank a coffee in work since I started taking a cup of this stuff in the morning, haven’t felt the need to! Probably wouldn’t recommend it lol.

I do drink plenty of water now tho.

Kerry :-)


Thank you. I am going to buy some.


Mackydee123 in reply to Hidden

Hi AnnaGarcia

You can buy it in different forms, proper loose tea, or in little sachets that you can add to water or a smoothie or whatever. I got the sachets but it’s not the easiest to drink at the end. It’s tastes like perfectly good tea for the most part, but if you don’t keep stirring it you are left with a whole bunch of undesolved powder at the bottom which you have to chug down.

Keep stirring!!!😁

Kerry :-)

Be careful. See negative effects as shown on television recently.

Mackydee123 in reply to JackLina

Will look into it thank you!

Kerry 😊

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