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Platelet count


Hi everybody hope you are all keeping well. It's been a while since I have posted. Just a quick question I have recently got access to my medical records so I can see what my blood counts are when I visit the vampire. I have noticed over the past year my platelet count had been going up from 215 to 311 . Last count was three and half months ago im due another visit beginning of October. Should I be worried that they have gone up. I have consultant tomorrow and have a list of new symptoms that have started to appear. Hope you can help

Nettie xx

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I would not be worried unless the doctor said something else....between the times when we are checked, I am sure the amount of platelets go up and down but we will not know this. Besides, stress, food and other things in life might effect the result... If you are worried, talk to your doc. and say that you wonder about it.

Nettie22 in reply to Swede

Thank you for your reply still learning about our mpn's even after a year. I will add it to my list for consultant tomorrow


Hi, I would not be worried as your platelets are in the normal range which is brilliant. Good luck, Frances.

Nettie22 in reply to francesb

Thank you every bit of information helps

Mine have gone up and down by up to 150 over the last year (last count was 411 and highest was around 560). Doctors don’t seem unduly concerned by it and said they vary over time. They have gone down and up and then down which makes me feel better about it as it’s not all one direction but even so I don’t think a change of 100 is surprising from what I gather.

Nettie22 in reply to Timjonze

Thank you I thought I'd check I never get told my results at the haem so I'm glad I can now view them for myself so to ask is just reassuring . I'm still learning

Nettie xx

Timjonze in reply to Nettie22

I doubt we stop learning! I find it all completely fascinating at the same time as scary. Who knew blood was so complex?! Good luck with your appointment x

I believe all of you in this posting have worries about high platelet count. I’m on the other spectrum, mine are low, 34 at last count. When I have my appt with Haematologist I always ask what my bloods are doing. The blood test results are sent to my GP also and as I can access my test results online, I can see what is going on, there is even a graph. Platelets are pesky little things aren’t they? Never be slow in asking what your test results show and any other questions you have. It’s your hour or 1/2 hour. Make a list of questions you have and read them out. Also, I ALWAYS bring someone with me to help remember what I wanted to ask and to take notes even. I hope your appt goes well this time. Jan L

Nettie22 in reply to Janll

Morning Jan, my other half comes with me to the consultant and he is always armed with questions lol I tend to go blank when I'm in there but have made sure I've written it down for today just got to remember to pick my bag up before we go. As for haematologist I always ask for results all he ever says is you need your blood taking not very helpful and frustrating. Thank you for your reply

Nettie xx

Hi Nettie, I have an arrangement with the hospital and I go in the week before my appointment so my results are always there for him/her to see.

I hope today’s appointment goes well. Jan x

Don’t worry you ate well within the platelet normal range. Apparently they fluctuate a little hour to hour x

Mine have been rising over the last few months. Had a change of consultant at SGH in Wiltshire. Have had a lot of stress and know that can increase the count. If you have a drink the day before I’ve read that can affect it also.

I have Calreticulin mutation and platelets up to 950 before Christmas.

Hope you are keeping ok

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