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Ruxo versus Best Available For MF


Of interest to anyone here with MF. Would be interesting to know the split of the ‘best available’ alternatives ie what % were on Pegasys and what was the difference between Pegasys versus Ruxo.

Pegasys has successfully helped some early stage MF patients. I believe that some are now on Peg/Ruxo combo trials

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Anyone on Ruxo who finds it stops working should read this. Benefits of a short (perhaps 2 week) holiday to reboot effectiveness

Thanks for this, Paul, and for the previous reference. It does look as tho rux may actually be more than just a symptom reducer. Here’s hoping. I have PMF and have been on rux now since May 2017.

I’m seeing my new haematologist again in October and I’ll be interested to see if my counts are still OK. Tho I still feel rubbish a good chunk of the time. But I’ve been gardening over the bank holiday weekend and enjoyed it.

All the best

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