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Yellow skin


Hi All,

I woke up this morning and noticed my skin has gone slightly yellow in colour. I wondered if anyone has experienced the same?

About once a year I seem to get a very bad attack of heartburn/IBS GERD, but the affects of loss of appetite etc. clear up after a few days. I had a similar episode a few days ago and wondered if anyone else can relate to the same experiences?


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I'd just like to add that they thought that I had liver cirrhosis but it was later confirmed that I didn't. As a result, I be very surprised if it was jaundice as I've never had the same skin colour previously when have similar heartburn etc.

BonnieJ in reply to MarkD6701

Dear Mark, hope you’ve seen you Dr. by now. As someone else stated, sometimes you can get skin yellowing from too much beta carotene in your diet ( do you drink a lot of carrot juice, e.g.), toxic levels of Vitamin A, sun sensitivity to certain medications. Since you said it came on quite suddenly, I’m more inclined to think it’s due to a reaction to one of your meds, or you may have a blockage in one of your portal or bile ducts. Your Dr. needs to start out with ordering some liver function tests. In the meantime, here are some questions—What meds are you on? What does your sclera ( the white part of your eye) look like? What does your stool look like? Are you on any new meds?


If it is is related to your need to see your doctor right away

Liver function blood test should show if there is anything going on with your liver otherwise you can get yellowing of the skin through eating too many vegetables containing carotene. Anything over 1 large carrot per day can start to yellow skin. Some other vegetables are pumpkin and kumara (sweet potato), these are very high in carotenoids. From food sources there is no adverse effect on the body other than the yellowing skin but if you take supplements that have a high vitamin A content, this can be toxic in relatively small quantities.

fee13 in reply to fee13

Ps, I don't think heartburn has any bearing on jaundice (correct me if I'm wrong) 😊

Hi Mark,

Are the whites of your eyes also yellow?

The jaundice could be related to gallbladder, liver, or pancreatic disease or something entirely different. Best to see your Doctor, heartburn could also be related.

Best of luck to you.

Have you been investigated for gall bladder issues.

Get to see your team asap.

This is not usual.

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