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Moving home

Hi Maz, I am moving home on 16 March to live in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland and will need to find new health care. I wondered if there was anyone in that area also with an MPF ( I have MF) who can recommend a specialist. My haemotologist here has been absolutely lovely so I am anxious to find the right person in order to continue my journey. I currently take hydra and inject with EPO. Many thanks for any help.

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Hi Mujer, if you can travel to Edinburgh from Bathgate then I would suggest transferring to the Western General Hospital. Best wishes. Maz


Hi Mujer I have ET and live in Edinburgh. I attend the Western General and they are amazing and the specialist Nurse is so helpful to call if needed. I do believe that the hospital In Livingston is very good too but I don’t know much about their Hematology Department. Good luck with your move and Welcome to Scotland 😀


Thank you KizzyO3 and I am just so grateful for this information and this site. Over the last year since being diagnosed with MF it has been so good to read all the posts and realise I am not alone. Every blessing.


Hi Mujer I also have ET and live in Edinburgh I attend the Western General Hospital and have had good care from them.

I just attend once a yr and have my bloods done at GP surgery x 3 monthly (virtual clinic) things are very stable just now and this system works very well for me.

Best wishes in your move



Thank you so much Mary. It is really reassuring to have such good recommendations

Best wishes



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