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Blood cancer ; Parliament debate and report

I have just watched a debate on blood cancer in Westminster Hall from last Wednesday and seen that there is a report from an All Parliamentary group.

You can find this on the Bloodwise website at:


Haven't read the report yet and no doubt MPNs may be lower down the priority list, but at least we are being recognised.


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Thanks for that Stephen. I will read it when I get a quiet moment.


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Thank you Stephen, this report is well worth reading.

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Mpns weren't mentioned. Are they classed as a cancer, and I don't mean just so we can get free prescription s. Or are they just as serious as leukemia and the like?? It's all very confusing


Yes, I too was concerned that Mpns weren't even mentioned in passing. Although it did say that there were over 100 different blood cancers so no doubt there are others which weren't mentioned either.

However it did mention that some blood cancers are life-long so there is no post-treatment period to look forward to.


Thanks Stephen. A great report. While MPN’s were not mentioned specifically, it did talk about chronic cancers, and watch and wait treatments both of which apply to MPN’s.


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Thanks Stephen, very interesting. Whilst MPNs are not mentioned specifically, it is clear the report is trying to cover all blood cancers and much of it is very relevant to us. The recommendations don't seem too specific, but I would be interested to see how/if the recommendation to involve patients more is implemented. Beyond fund raising, it would be good to see how patients could contribute -I'm sure we'd all be only too willing.


Cheers for sharing this , I had a scan over it and noticed it was by Bloodwise and points up a number of areas as to how blood cancer patients would be treated In an ideal world if I got the thrust of it. One such area that interests me is post transplant care not being standard across the NHS. I have a few issues about mine though in general it has been excellent wit resources aviable.. As transplant is such a tough process both physically and mentally we need a greater level of support in the months abd years after. The transplant is only the beginning of a long and winding road with a few steep hills end route.

Let's hope something comes of it and they don't continue cutting services back to the bone.


Hi. Chris, great to see you. And you make such a good point! Maybe you could ask MAZ to suggest that area be part of their focus.

However, I’m wondering if MPNS are considered blood cancers or if cancers of the bone marrow are different. A few years ago someone asked if my cancer was a type of leukemia. Not knowing better, I said no. None of my docs had told me that it was. Katie


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