Merry X-mas LGBT Cancer Community new to this MPN group

Hello and Merry X-mas to all new to this site glad to know there is a LGBT communtity with Cancers. I have PV (Polycythemia Vera) much to learn about been dealing now for 3 years. Having a bone marrow biopsy on the 10th of January. Postponed for the holidays. So 😨 and so lost! Thank God for my significant Other. My wife is a blessing to me. So supportive but glad to be able to express my thoughts without driving her crazy. Merry X-mas again to all!! Much love and be safe family!!!

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  • Merry Christmas to you too. You are at the right place for support and I know what you mean about driving the other half crazy with our worries etc. My hubby is a tolerant chap but, not having an MPN, doesn’t know what it feels like.

    Good luck with the BMB. I had one in November and didn’t feel any pain at all during the procedure - I was more interested in chatting to the nurse about our dogs! The doctor had to sush us at one point as I was moving too much due to laughing!!

    Gill x

  • Merry Christmas x

  • Wishing you a merry xmas too. Good luck with the bmb in January.

    Mary x

  • Ty also stay warm and safe through the holidays

  • Enjoy the festivities. And don’t angst about the BMB. It’s okay. (Maybe not what you’d ask for from Santa but entirely manageable.) Take your SO with you. The support - both practical and emotional - is a boon and they sound like a marvel! Happy holidays.

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