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do i have polycethemia?

Hi my name is malk. During my visit to my psychiatrist my doc did blood test as they usually do every six months. I am obviously concerned with some of my readings and wanted to see what you guys thought.

WBC. 4.79. 3.8-12.8

RBC. 6.04 4.2- 5.7

Hemoglobin. 16.7. 14-18.0

Hematocrit. 50. 42.2-53.8

MCV. 83.6 . 81-102

MCH. 27.6. 26.9 -35.0

MCHC. 31.1. 30.4-34.8

RDW. 13.2 percent

I am having trouble understanding RBC count be high. Also my hematocrit is also fairly high. Is this usually indicative of Polycythemia ? In your opinion how do my numbers look ? Just looking for some insight I am a tad worried.

Thanks, A lot

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Hello Mal, I can understand your concerns, but you must speak to your GP about these results and what they mean, we are not able to confirm any diagnosis for you on this site. Best wishes, Maz


If you do have PV then looks very early stage. Hence initial treatment aspirin and venesections which, albeit sometimes inconvenient, are no big deal. Should be many years before you have to start taking drugs and in view of medical advances, I’d hope something significant over next five years.

So even if you are PV, please don’t worry unduly. What are you Platelets? And do you have any symptoms? Pin prick itchy skin after baths/showers seems most common.

RBC could be high because you were dehydrated....

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