ET and Angiograms

I have to have further investigations after having an echo stress test on my heart. I wondered whether anyone knows if an angiogram presents any additional risks for someone with ET. I'd be really grateful for any information about this. I'd prefer to have a cardiac MRI as this is less invasive.

I'm glad to be part of this very kind, helpful forum!


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  • Hi Ann, I had an angiogram done a few years ago now, before my diagnoses for ET, think this was the start of it all really, as for the procedure it is very straight forward, and afterwards they apply pressure pads to stop the flow of blood, and you have to lie still for a couple of hours afterwards, although things could of changed by now, well that was my memories of it. But you must tell them about your ET and what drugs you take, and I would say that your haematologist should confir with them also this being that you might have to come off your medication before the op and maybe for a few days afterwards..

    Hope all goes well


  • Hi Jean, thank you. I’ll speak to my haematologist. I’d much prefer to have a cardiac MRI scan as it doesn’t involve radiation and is less invasive. However, I’m not sure that this will be offered.

    It’s really kind of you to let me know how you got on with the angiogram. Very reassuring.

    With best wishes,


  • Hi Anne, I had an Angiogram in 2014 just before my diagnosis with PV. My blood pressure was very high - turns out it was because of the PV - but initially the doctors thought I had a heart problem so I was hospitalised for tests. I had the angiogram and was extremely unlucky in that it ruptured the femoral artery which then required an operation to fix it, with a tube inserted to drain the blood and a month off work with a very swollen and black leg. This is however a rare event, less than 1% chance of occurring, everyone in my ward had angiograms with no problems, all much older ladies than me, they are very straightforward procedures. The vascular surgery healed very well and although I have an 8cm scar it is now hardly visible. If I have to do an angiogram again, i’ll request the thinnest possible catheter, that they insert it in the arm rather than groin, and a very experienced doctor - I had the registrar do it rather than the senior consultant. And they will at least know I have an MPN, which at the time was undiagnosed. Best of luck, Susana x

  • Thank you Susana. If I have an angiogram, I’ll ask for all those things you mentioned. Very useful advice,

    Kind regards,


  • Hi, I had a cerebral angiogram in August this year (same premise as cardio they just push the catheter a bit further up). I specifically took hydroxicarbimide to lower my platelet levels to a normal level - below 500,000. My haematologist consulted the haemo at the hospital where I had the procedure beforehand. Think they would have still done the procedure if my platelets had been higher it was just for my own peace of mind they allowed time for the hydroxy to work first. Procedure itself is not too bad in fact I couldn't believe it had been done when they'd finished! You will be fine if you choose to have one x

  • Very comforting, thank you!

  • Hi Ann, I have had multiple tests done on my heart, including an angiogram. There is nothing to it and nothing to worry about.

    Regards Carole 🤗

  • A big thankyou Carole. I’ll stop flapping!

    Best wishes,


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