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Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me, I have a few medical conditions ET being one of them, but I'm also on medication for other conditions. I currently have a prepayment card for my prescriptions which I have to pay for each year, I was wondering if I am exempt from paying for my prescriptions now I have ET, currently my ET medication is free, but I'm still using my prepayment card to get my other prescriptions. I just wondered if anyone else was in the same situation and could advise me please, thanks.


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  • Hi Darren

    I have PV and my GP completed and signed an exemption form which I sent off and I now get all my prescriptions free of charge. Like PV , ET is a blood cancer so you are entitled to free presciptions .

    Hope this helps . Keep well 😁

    Kindest regards



  • Sorry Darren,

    Meant to say, you could also get your haematologist to sign it but I think you have to get the form from your GP surgery or local pharmacy.



  • Thanks Dianne, I'll go back to my GP and see what they say.

  • Hi Dianne, not all GP's are aware that MPNs are classified as a cancer. I got my form from my haematologist originally, so don't be fobbed off. So go armed with information. It's all there on the internet. MPN voice etc. Good luck.


  • I have an NHS exemption card and it covers me for all my meds regardless of whether they are MPN related or not.

  • Yes you can get an exemption and this can be used for medication for your other illnesses. Your GP should sign it but your haematologist will anyway, you are entitled as it is a cancer.

  • Hi Darren

    Like you I have ET and I also have some other health problems. When originally diagnosed I had a pre payment card then I discovered this site and the wonderful 'MPN website. It confirmed I was entitled to exemption from prescription charges as I was receiving treatment for my ET and I had an exemption for ages and it covers all my meds. In 2008 the World Health Oranisation reclassified MPD's as MPN's I.e neoplasms not disorders. Since 2009 Anyone in England receiving treatment for cancer, including MPN's is exempt from prescription charges. Get form FP299 from your GP or haematologist they will need to sign it. Any problems as others have said refer them to MPN website link to page below.


    Hope that helps, good luck Liz

  • Sorry Darren link did not come out it is


  • Hi Darren,You should be exempt from charges as ET is a chronic illness although i live in Scotland and the rules vary have a look online at the DSS website for your area and you will find what you are entitled to sometimes there are things you can apply for online, give it a try there's no harm done good luck...Violet x

  • I have just been made exempt because I have PV, the card lasts for 5 years. Your need to get a form filled in by your GP but mine was swift and had no issues with signing it.

    Good Luck!

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