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Hi I am new to this site. Can anyone recommend a good haematologist in the Midlands? I was diagnosed with ET 2.5 years ago. I see a different haem almost every time I go for a checkup and it is very difficult to build up a relationship of trust with them. They seem to know very little about the condition (I some times feel I know more than they do with the help of MPN voice). I thought I had come to terms with the condition but following a recent emergency admission to hospital with unstable angina, resulting in two stents being fitted, I have been very down about both conditions. I feel very tired constantly but don't know if it is the combination of both conditions, the medication or both!

I also suffer with arthritis in my feet and hips and am finding it difficult to exercise to help with the fatigue. My platelet count is currently around 400 and is generally kept under control by hydroxycarbamide, though I have yet to see what effect the new medication for my heart condition may have had on this. I just want to find a consultant who cares and not feel that I am just a number in a huge out patients department. Any help would be appreciated.


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  • Hello Nickthedevil, I live on a small island so haven't got access to a haematologist at home but we do have visiting doc's from the main Birmingham hospital , it's a team of six who take it in turns to fly over every month, they are all very knowledgeable and caring Top man is Neil Smith, then the others are listed, so try them, I have PV with other prob's but I have been treated well and fast. I am sure if you get in touch you will be happy with them. Best of luck Nick. June.

  • Hi June, thanks for your reply. I have checked out Neil Smith and his team on the Heartlands hospital website and it appears to be a more specialist team for all blood cancers and rare blood disorders, which is definitely what I am looking for. I will talk to my haem at my next appointment in 5 weeks. Thanks again for your help, hope you keep well.

  • Hello me again

    Just so pleased you found the team, I wish you all the luck in the world , we are a rare bunch so we need the best. Keep well.June

  • That's very true, we do. Look after yourself, Karen

  • I am currently under the queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham. I see Fred Chen he is a good haematologist but I feel that I need to see a specialist for this condition so I am going to ask to be referred to Clare Harrison in London. Good luck with your search and if you find a good one please let me know. X

  • Hi Neph thank you for your reply. I have read up on Fred Chen and while he is listed as having an interest in MN's I think you are right in that he does not specialise. I have seen Clare Harrison's name a lot on this site and on the MPD voice website and she does seem to be the expert in this field. Let me know what your haematologist says about referral. Take care x

  • Hi Karen, If you're looking to form a relationship with your haematologist, then from my personal experience you are not going to find it at Heartlands Hospital. Don't get me wrong the guys there are caring and know their stuff. However, I've been attending there since February 2010 the department is always very busy and like you say get different Consultants / Doctors at most of my three monthly visits. At my first appointment in 2010, I was seen by Dr. Smith but that was only because my file was at the top of the pile (from which the Doctors on clinic duty take their next patient ) ! The only other time I have seen Dr. Smith was in October of the same year. So if the avenue is open to you, perhaps getting a referral to see Professor Harrison or possibly Professor Tony Green at Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge may put your mind at ease. I too have ET, take care and as God spoke unto Moses keep taking the tablets ! (I'll get me coat)

  • Whoops! David

  • Thanks David. Your experience at Heartlands sounds very much like mine at Russell's hall. The next available doctor sees the patient whose file is at the top of the pile there too! I will give some serious thought to Dr Harrison or Professor Green, and will definitely keep taking the tablets, despite the rattling (I am currently on 15 a day combined for my conditions combined!!!).

    Take care, karen

  • Hi, i am under Chris Miller at Royal Derby and really pleased with how he handles my case.


  • Hi Paul, thanks for your reply, it's great to hear that you are happy with your care. It gives me hope. I will check Chris Miller out.

    Take care, Karen

  • midlands jenny burns city hospital nottingham

  • Thanks Shelly much appreciated, will check Jenny Burns out

  • Hello Nickthedevil, Dr Farooq Wandroo, at Sandwell & City Hospital, Birmingham - Is very good, we like him and his team. My other half see's him at Sandwell :) Good luck

  • And also Dr Richard Murrin - Myleoproliferative and myelodysplastic disorders; acute promyelocytic leukaemia/obstetric haematology; haematology aspects of retroviral infection. Contact via secretaries – James Gillen 0121 507 3427 (James is also lovely)

  • Thank you, both Sandwell and City Hospital would be good for me. I am seeing my haematologist next week and am going to discuss changing. Thanks very much.

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