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Donating your body organs

It's only just struck me that although I always carry a donor card with me so that my body parts can be used for others once I no longer require them, will they be wanted/usable now that I have ET?

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Hi ChrisAnnSen, this question has been asked before and I asked Prof Harrison, this is her reply: I have asked Prof Harrison for you, it is a no I am afraid, you cannot donate organs.

best wishes, Maz


Hi ChrisAnnSen, I have PV and was also carrying a donor card, at one consultation with my Haematologist I asked the by the way question , can I still be an organ donor , he said NO not any more, but that might have been just his opinion, best to ask again. best wishes, Bordeauxgirl.


Maz, I assume the answer is the same for PV? Just checking as I will have to de-register. Aime xx😿


I am on donor register too. Next best thing is leave my body to science to try and help others in the future with a MPN.

Will need to have a long discussion with my family

Lainy x


As I'm intending to utilise all my organs until they are too old to be of any use to someone else I suppose it's just as well they can't use them. I now need to find out how to come off the register.

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