All good

After having bloods taken and a very long wait of two hours today at the hospital, my results were all good I am pleased to say, so I remain on the same medication of Asprin and Hydroxycarbamide, one a day and two Saturday and Sunday whoop whoop!!!! Going to enjoy a glass of wine tonight to celebrate.

Not sure what the problem was at Princess Royal Hospital Orpington, but at one stage it was standing room only, but needless to say the staff were all amazing and so I did not mind the wait especially as all was good. Long may it last.

Keep smiling

Jean x

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  • Amazing news Jean. Enjoy your glass of wine 🥂🥂😙😙

  • Great news Jean,keep it up.In a bit of a panic with one. got a rotten chest

  • Sorry. Dropped pad,was saying rotten chest infection at the moment,so expect mine to be upside down !A few good results for others this week is great.Sally

  • Hope you feel better soon Sally. 💓

  • Sorry to hear you have a nasty chest infection Sally.

    Think this strange weather has a lot to answer for, feel really cold this evening, just can't get warm and do not want to put the heating on as it is far to early, this time last year it was really warm, hey-ho.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Take care

    Jean x

  • Take care Sally....wishing you a speedy recovery. 🌷

    Mary xx

  • Well done Jean...a great excuse for a glass of wine! 👍

  • That's great, definitely celebrate. Kind regards Aime xx😺😺

  • Great news Jean -I'm on the same dose and thankfully all was stable last week for me too.

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