Good results

Hi Peeps, just to let you that my visit to see my Haematolagist today was all good.

WCC 4.3 Neut 2.1 Hb 148 Haematocrit 44.4 Plt 355 he was really pleased with me and said that all my counts were behaving themselves WHoop !!!

He also checked my spleen as I have been experiencing some sharp pain on my left side that radiates to my shoulder, but all was good seems to think I have pulled a muscle.

So all fine thank god, so it has been a week of lots of good news all round.

Jean x 🤗

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  • Great news .

    The MPN family's positive vibes seem to be working very well at the moment 😀 X

  • Yes there are vibes all round .


  • Great news Jean - keep up the good work 😉 Andy

  • Thanks Andy.


  • That's brilliant Jean, , made up for thi lass 😆. . Just continuing our musical banter, , I often wonder whether some of our pop rock superstars ever think back to their roots before they became famous. . Like I say I envy you meeting DB and I wish I'd kept some of my early 70s stuff as worth few bob. As you say Those were the days my friend. . . (We thought they'd never end) late 60s I think that one !! Recall hearing on radio Luxembourg which used to listen to in bed as a young chap.

    Chris x

  • Good old Mary Hopkins, remember going to a pub called the Tavern in the Town in Croydon that song was always being played and yes that was in the late sixties, I also met Adam faith once in Ramsgate was on holiday, with my parents, and he was a judge at a beauty pageant, and in his later years again when he lived in Kent.

    Gosh and radio Luxembourg many a night I used to listen, oh what memories.

    We recently sold some of our albums and records made a tidy profit as albums have had a resurgence of late.

    Jean x

  • Great news Jean, really happy for you. Karen x

  • Brilliant, always good to hear some good news. Mel xx

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