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HGB fluctuating what is typical-newbie

I was diagnosed with P. Vera, I have the JAK2 mutation; this was the end of April 2017.

I am on Aspirin and hydroxyurea HU, plus diuretics for blood pressure and a statin.

My HGB started at 22 and with weekly phlebotomy and the 500 mg HU it had gone down steadily to 18 over 4 weeks. However, today at phlebotomy my HGB was up to 18.5.

Also, my WBC is up and it had been steady.

Is this common to see swings like this?

Thanks for reading this!

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Hi John, welcome to the forum. I also have Jak2+ PV. I'm pleased that your counts are coming steadily down. small ups and downs are very common as lots of things can affect our counts in small ways, hydration and infection to name but two.

Good luck as you continue on your treatment. Fee


Thanks for help, I appreciate it!

Hydration can be a challenge with the diuretics.


Morning John and welcome. I have PV Jak2+ too. Was diagnosed 11 years ago. My specialist nurse tells me that if he took two blood tests in the same morning they would probably read slightly differently so what you see is great in my view. Good luck. Lesley x

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Thanks, I was expecting some swings but not sure what a typical range for them is or if they should have just kept coming down.



Yes its common to see fluctuations, even a 'normal' blood count person would see fluctuations.

Your HGB could show a different result just by the level of hydration in your body, if you were well hydrated one week it could show lower than a week you maybe werent aswell hydrated.



Thanks so much for the help. It is hard to keep the hydration constant with the diuretics. I guess I can use my body fat monitor as an indication of hydration. It will swing 2-3% based on my hydration level.

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