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Feeling indecisive

Morning everyone...

Hmmm I'm not quite sure what this post is going to be yet ..

I am feeling very anxious. I hate it when l get like this ( not as often as I used to , but hard to change your underlying make up)..

I have a number if decisions to make, life planning, money, career... and I am finding this so difficult because it is coloured by this condition. I have early stage MF. I want to believe that I will be well for many years, and that through day to day healthy measures I will be able to maintain a good quality of life..the optimist. The pessimist / realist? in me worries that life will change dramatically the variable being when.. driving myself mad with trying to scenario plan and make decisions.. maybe I should delay?

Sorry for the whinge.. I really should go to the gym and get out of my head, maybe that will help..

I hope that you all have a lovely Saturday ahead, and that if you get a chance that there is sunshine :)

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I hope you Have a lovely Saturday too and the sun shines for you 😎

It is very difficult to make potentially life changing decisions when you are not in such a good place and if I could offer any advice it would be to not make any major decisions when you are feelng like this. If you have anyone close to discuss your worries and concerns with, that may be the best action to take just now. Also is there a specialist nurse or your haematologist that you could talk to. Our conditions can be very unpredictable in the course they run and I am sure that you , like most of us try to focus on keeping as healthy as we can and "seizing the now !"

You are more than allowed to feel somewhat despondent or unsure at times as I think most of us do but please try not to make any major decisions too quickly .

I really hope that you soon feel more happy and relaxed which I know is often easier said than done when you have the uncertainty about your future especially linked to having an MPN and it doesn't help when most people, even our GPS have never heard of or have little experience of them!

We are only here once though, so it is important to take good , informed advice re: finances and your health, listen to your instincts and to do what you feel will make you most happy .

I hope that I haven't rambled on for too long and hope that you are soon ferlingvin a better place and also knowing you are not alone in feeling as you do , can help in some small way .

Hugs to you





Live for the day !!I am 77 now,still chugging on....P V,Hydrea,stent for blocked artery!!! Saw my consultant Friday....he said I will do more years yet,I still work ,tho I do sink quite often if I overdo it. Best of Luck Mrs Average,keep going ,you will be fine!!!!


Hey Mrs Average... :)

I have had a beautiful Saturday in sunny Sydney town. I hope that yours was on an equivalent scale – absolute magical day really! :)

I was out on my bike for a 2 hour exercise ride (and some useful aerobics). Always loads better in mind and body after having done so...

... some days... it's much harder than others, however, I am telling myself to just keep at it!

I too am early stage MF, I was originally diagnosed in May 2016 as ET, but that changed after a BMB result.

At first, learning about my condition was quite an overwhelming experience. It changed many of my plans after years of study...

However, I am determined to beat this, and resume where I left off, before learning of my diagnosis. :)

Best to be as philosophical as I can, I believe... None of us live forever anyway... Do we? :)

I am 57 and I realise, that things could be a whole lot worse for me than they are at the present, hence, I am just trying to get on with it all... and yes, some days are better than others. But the better days always return too...

Best wishes




CARPE DIEM Mrs A. . . . . . . Chris


Thanks everyone for your support as ever...

Had a relaxed afternoon in the sun yesterday which helped a bit.

Trying to break down the problem and give myself time, even if it is only a couple of weeks...


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