Hi all anyone had a tiny lump on gum ? i cant see it has its too far back in mouth after my wisdom tooth , i wonder if this can be caused by hu , i know mouth ulcers are this feels ulcer like i worry about any little strange thing that crops up , i saw dentist in jan she didnt see it then plus i dont think it could been there at time of checkup or she didnt see it ! quite far back at end of gum line 😁😞 regards Holly

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  • Yes Holly, I had a a few mouth ulcers at the beginning of treatment with 'hu.' They never really amounted to much and I don't get them now. Just keep an eye on it for now, hopefully it should disappear soon.

    Mary x

  • Hi Mary ,thank you. im seeing dentist Monday so will get it checked as well ! hope you are doing okay xx

  • Hi, I had lots of mouth ulcers in the form of sores on my tongue on Hydroxy, my consultant says it affects the lining and tissues of the mouth. Not very nice! Hope yours goes soon and dentist reassures you, best wishes, Frances

  • Hi Frances, thank you , this is the trouble eh. once on tretment other parts of body start to get affected , yes i hope its nothing too sinister i do think i look and check for things too much at times!! Had a mamagram 9 days ago so cant rest till results back ! what am i like eh one anxious lady 😁 you take care and hope alls well with you best wishes Holly

  • Have been on Hydroxy for 3 weeks - had flu like symptoms in the second week and this week it is mouth ulcers! Dr has given me Xerotin to moisturise my mouth which is helping. Wonder what next week will bring... You've got to keep cheerful though haven't you???

  • Hello Rosemary , we sure have to try and keep cheerful ,i have low times when im feeling sorry for myself , then beat myself up about it realising there are alot of folk who are worse off than me . hope you manage the HU okay ,its not too bad in the big scheme of things ,keep well and drink at least 2 litre water daily best wishes Holly

  • Hi Holly,yes all the time and sore tongue too,brushing teeth is not comfortable either,tried so many different brands of paste and mouth wash products,nothing helps much,some things I used to like to eat or drink are now impossible,make mouth and tongue worse. Hope you soon have relief with yours...actually ,salt and water help most.Best Luck ,Sally

  • Cheers Sally , yes doing salt water , have you had them on your lower gum line as well ? i been useing a very mild toothpaste at times other than my usual sensidyne its strong for me now , take care x

  • That's same for me,the Sensodyne making the mouth sore!!The worst actually. Yes lower gum too and inside cheeks which catch on teeth!! The blue tooth pastes that are for whitening are a little less stingy,I use sometimes as my teeth are not as white as they used to be,the blues do shine them up.I know dentists don't approve.I have used 'bonjela' on really painful sores or ulcers.Would really like to have sharp dressings on salads,but I would hit the ceiling...!!you take care too Holly. X

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