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PV getting attention


Good morning all. As you all know I never post but always read. I have been a fan of General Hospital for over 30 years. This is a soap opera in the US. Yesterday, one of the main characters was diagnosed with PV as part of the story. She was hospitalized after fainting from a clot. The doctors explained PV to her in great detail. They included phlebotomy, chemo, life expectancy etc. I was totally stunned when I saw this brought out in a soap opera. The rareness of PV and it being a cancer was also detailed along with the ability to manage it. This was wonderful to see PV brought to nation wide attention. It is an ongoing story line so it will be interesting to see how this character progresses. I will post the progression of the story.

Love and hugs to all. ❤ Harlie

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Amazing ,Harlie. Await the continuation!!! How are you,? Coping I hope.

Definitely I think there is more focus now on blood cancers in U K .I will be exhibiting my bronzes at a Xmas Fair in a stately home in aid of blood cancer ,will fly my P V flag there !Keep well,kind thoughts,Sally

Kinsalelady in reply to Inca

Nice to hear from you. Hematologist #2. Do not like this one either but HGB And HCT staying within limits so I shall not complain. Pray that you are doing great. Good luck with your show. Please post some pics.

Hugs, Harlie

Inca in reply to Kinsalelady

Actually Harlie my counts are not good just now,on highest Hydrea than since I was diagnosed 7yrs ago!! Sitting out what is happening next, glad you are coping better now, have to rest a lot,so frustrating! Xxx

Hi Harlie,

I am also in the US and a GH fan for at least 30 yrs. myself. I was so surprised to see that and called my son to tell him as he grew up watching it with me.

How interesting. Out of curiosity, what did they mention about life expectancy. I never watched By when I lived in Canada but nothing would get in my way of watching another world lol

They implied it was very manageable. However, it was the first mention of it so,I assume we will hear more as the character heals from clot. I will post how it is handled. Hugs, Harlie

I am also in the USA and have PV. I could not believe it when I saw this on GH. I also like the fact that the character who has PV is starting to get VERY annoyed with the limitations this may have for everyday life. I always have felt very alone in this, and am glad to see this on TV where it can possibly have an impact on those who cannot imagine what living with this is like. Please keep posting, Kinsale, and all. M

It should be interesting to see how the show progresses. It makes me wonder if a cast member or family member was diagnosed with PV and this is why they are exposing it. Good for them. Hugs, Harlie

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