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I've posted in the past with various questions and I thank all for your responses....i have now got to the point where I think a second opinion on my PV would be beneficial, this is because I am now seeing different consultants at my monthly clinic.

I would like to know if there is an equivalent to Professor Harrison in just looking to get some consistent and good advice as my current clinic feels like a conveyor belt!!

best wishes


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  • Hi Richard , , just to say I went through exactly what you are experiencing a few years ago, seeing a different consultant each time and with a different view on my disease progression. One told me that my MF didn't register on the scale and there was little wrong with me worth worrying over. I was on Hydroxycarbamide, spleen 20cms, fatigue, itching, blood transfusion. So you can imagine I was less than impressed. I eventually got fed up and went to another clinic 60 miles away to seek expert opinion which resulted in my Stem Cell Transplant 4 months later.

    So stick to your guns and try and find a second opinion. I'm sorry I can't help you in your quest but good luck with it.

    Cheers Chris

  • Thanks Chris.....i just cant understand why there is so many differing opinions amongst so called consultants.

    The search continues!!


  • Hi Richard

    I'm very interested in this thread as I have been wondering the exact same thing! May I ask whereabouts you go at the moment (you don't need to name consultants!)? I've been at Inverness for my appointments, though there haven't been many so far but I felt a bit dismissed by my guy and feel something was definitely lacking.

    Thanks :-)

  • Hi skyehope ,

    I live near Helensburgh and my clinic is held at the vale of Leven hospital...the main consultant retires next month and then I understand clinic will be covered by a series of locums'.


  • I imagine that would put you a bit wrong and that you'd be happier seeing one person who really understood what you were experiencing and journeyed with you so to speak. I hope they find someone permanent to replace the main guy so that you can stay close to home. Best of luck with it all.

  • Hi Guys, I live in Scotland too and Maz gave me the names of two haematologists at Edinburgh infirmary I think. Maz, could you give the names again please- I have put them in a safe place!

    I always said that I would go for a second opinion if my PV advances or I'm unhappy about the clinic at Aberdeen a Royal Infirmary as Edinburgh would mean an 8 hour round trip for me.

    Thank you Maz and kindest regards Richard - I hope you get satisfaction and I'll be joining you if I have any doubts!! Aime xx😺😺

  • Thanks Aime. Yes, in Scotland, our options seem limited without travelling hundreds of miles. If only Professor Harrison had a travelling clinic! xx

  • We could all offer Prof Harrison a holiday if she could do a travelling clinic - I wish!! The fatigue makes the travelling harder and even if I'm not at my worst with fatigue, it's still a thought!

    Even Edinburgh is a thought but for you it's even further Skyehope.

    Kindest regards Aime xx😺😺

  • I'm quite prepared to travel if i get good Edinburgh is not a problem...perhaps professor Harrison might be able to recommend a good person in Scotland...but I don't think she would do that without upsetting her peers!!

    best wishes


  • Hi Aime

    Thanks for your thoughts...i would be interested to get names of the Edinburgh consultants.


  • I have recently moved from Scotland and while I was living there my consultant referred me to Claire Harrison and I flew down to see her. There is an MPN specialist at the Beetson in Glasgow who I found difficult as he would not make eye contact. His name is Mark Drummond. I e there might be someone in Edinburgh too but have no experience there.

    Hope that helps. Best wishes, Jan

  • Hi Jan

    where is Claire Harrison based?


  • Dr Harrison is at Guys and St Thomas Hospital Londond

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