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Long haul flight Enoxaparin 40mg

Last year when my platelets were raised we were away for my big 50th birthday in Barbados & whilst on holiday my GP called me to say after speaking to a haematologist they thought it would be a good idea to start me on aspirin before I was referred to the specialist as my platelets were at 834.

Once back and after having all the usual blood tests and bone marrow biopsy my ET CALR+ diagnosis was confirmed and they would put me on watch and wait. My platelets have been as low as 728 in 2015 and as high as 1112 though after last check up this week they were back down to 834 and are described as stable? My partner will be 50 next year and we would like to go back to the same place in Barbados for her big one though now I'm obviously a bit more concerned now that I know more about ET.

So I mentioned I had heard about an injection for long haul flights and she has confirmed it would be safer for me to have a prophylactic anticaogualtion (enoxaprin 40mg subcutaneous).

So my questions are

Do you get the GP to prescribe it and administer it for the outbound trip though guess you have to do it yourself for way back?

Has anyone else with my level of platelets used this or something similar?

I used to walk around a lot, stay hydrated and wear flight socks even before I knew about ET and always get an aisle seat, so wouldn't this be enough?

Thanks in advance for any information.


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Hi Jonny - I've used Tinzaparin in a similar way when flying long haul, with platelets around the 750-850 mark and about your age.

My GP prescribed it and I injected myself before each flight, which is easy to do - just make sure you have a doctor's letter if carrying syringes in hand luggage..! Worth taking all the other precautions too but I felt safer using heparin to lower the DVT risk too.

Enjoy Barbados..!



Hey Johny

As you know me and you have the same diagnosis et calr+ and very similar platelet counts. I'm around 900 at the moment. I've decided not to fly 12 hrs. Mainly to do with the fact that I don't want to spend a fortnight in the company of the wife's ex husband ( it's the step daughters wedding ) 😂

I'd go for it mate if I was you.


Great win on Saturday 😃

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