What time of day to take Hydroxy?

I've got ET and started taking Hydroxycarbamide 10 days ago. I'm taking it in the early morning with various other tablets. I'm now wondering whether this is a good idea.

I have read on here that many people suffer from exhaustion as a side-effect. As I'm only taking 1 capsule a day I don't think I am experiencing this although I do get sleepy in the afternoon (this could just be indolence and the fact that it is mid winter). I also have difficulty with getting to sleep at night (even if I haven't succumbed to an afternoon snooze) and wondered whether I could harness the tiredness side-effect to help me sleep.

I appreciate that if I do decide to take it at a different time of day I will have to make a gradual change as the instructions specifically state to keep to the same time each day.

I was just wondering what other people do and what is generally thought to be the best time to take it.

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  • Hi ChrisAnnSen, I have been on hydroxycarbamide for nearly a year now. I made the decision to take my aspirin after breakfast and the hydroxycarbamide after my evening meal. This suits me fine, and I have had no adverse side effects to date.

    Mary x

  • Now that I know more about hydroxy it does certainly make more sense Mary - I just wish I'd known that 10 days ago when I started out (I didn't find this Forum until afterwards).

  • Hi, I was on Hydroxy for two years and started taking it in the morning then saw advice on here to take it at bed time so I changed to that with no problems. I was advised that if one had any side effects taking it at bed time would allow one to sleep through the worst. Best wishes, Frances.

  • Did you change instantly Frances or in gradual steps?

  • Hi, i changed instantly, my consultant said that was no problem at all and it certainly didn't cause me any. Best wishes, Frances.

  • Hi. I take 3 tablets daily and 4 on a Monday. I take 1 in the morning and 2 at night. I did this so that I would not get so tired throughout the day.

    I have been taking Hydroxycarbonmide for nearly 4 years now.


  • Been taking Hydroxy for about 6 years now and as most I take it in the evening so that any side effects are while I am asleep.

  • Hi Chris , I take mine in the morning , I quite like a few wines in the evening.

    Town Crier

  • Hi luv, I take 2 tablets. I found if I took them in the morning I was so sleepy so took everyone's advice and started taking them at night. Much better. Swapped straight over from morning to night with no problems.

  • I took my hydroxy in the evening on the consultants advice, theoretically it lessens the fatigue! I'm on Anagrelide now which I take morning and evening.

    Best wishes


  • Hydroxy (either 1 or 2 tablets) after evening meal and aspirin in morning after breakfast. Other meds in between to space things out.

  • I take it in the evening, just before I lie down in bed, and I find I'm fast asleep in no time. I think you could just switch your time to take it - there have been a few times when I

    travelled that I've been off a bit with the usual timeI to take it and its been fine. Best of luck(incidentally I found myself fatigued and thought it was the hydroxy - it turned out to be my thyroid) but everyone is different.

  • I started takingit first thing but then found it suited me better to take it after breakfast . bossy bo

  • Thanks so much for your comments. I'm definitely going to start taking it in the evening rather than morning. I also think it will be just before I go to bed as sometimes our evening meal is at home and other time with friends and then I would most likely forget. I'm very good at forgetting to do things these days ... and have been for a while so can't blame it on the meds.

  • Hi, Chris. I started 500mg/day HU and, after feeling some nausea, have been taking it at bedtime with a sleeping pill (Temazapam).

  • My daughter had been taking 2000 mg for over a year now and takes them st bed time, it helps with the nausea

  • I take 3x 500mgs daily and have been on this dose or higher for a year. I take mine either before or after my evening meal. In the beginning I suffered ever side effect on the leaflet but now they are very few and far between. I take them at night because if any side effects were to rear their ugly head, I would be asleep!

  • Evening looks to be the most popular. I've now changed my time to about 10:00 pm - hoping that the glass of water I take with it doesn't interrupt my sleep.

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