New Beginnings 2017

New Beginnings 2017

As some of you know new beginnings is my start after the end of 2015

New Beginnings is also the name of my narrowboat Which I restored to health in 2016 .

2017 New Beginnings brings great adventure

search for a new home in a spain after I talked it over with consultant and he is happy for me to fly back every 12 weeks for treatment .

So new relationship new life new home .

been seeing Dee for 6 months and she wants me to have my dream if a home in sun and willing to give up her life here to follow me.

my hematocrit is up slightly at .46.8 but that's a blip


be safe all ..

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  • Lovely heartwarming story on a cold dark January morning. I wish you well Frank and hope everything works out for you.

    Mary x

  • thanks Mary

    it's was a cold and dark end to 2015 and now I feel the warmth again. we only have one life we need to live it to the full.

    Frank x

  • Well done Frank. I'm so pleased for you.

    Happy house hunting in Spain. Keep us updated if you can.

    Judy x

  • will do Judy it's all new and scary a good way

    Frank x

  • Lovely photo and story - well done Frank and all the best in your new ventures - life is precious and to enjoy it and take on new things is a good thing especially when you have been thro a rough time - it's a nice encouragement too to us all with MPNs that life can still present good things!

  • well I had a kick in teeth at the end off 2015 with my ex of 20 yrs but now I see light ahead and with the support of friends family and my consultant I've got through the dark.

    I still have dark days but it's all part of the healing process.

    I'm lucky I've found a lady willing to take on me as Well as my health issues lol.


  • Your boat looks smashing Frank. Well done you!

    A home in Spain sounds lovely. Lots of vitamin d from all that sunshine and boy does it help towards the feel good factor. What part of Spain are you looking in?

    Luck and best wishes for your new venture.

    Keep well.



  • hondon area Marcia .. I have friends close by there around 30mins

    so although a new startI'd have advice off people who have made the jump

    Frank x

  • Really nice place. My son in law's niece lives in Alicante. Her husband is a pharmacist there.

    Have a wonderful time, Goid luck to you.



  • my new lady is a pharmacy assistant

    small world

    thanks for your thoughts

    love and peace


  • Buena suerte! ! Or Good luck . . . I wish you and your lady Dee all the very best in your new life together in the sun. Don't forget that factor 50.

    Cheers Chris

  • will be ordered by the tanker load

    thanks for your wishes


  • Hello Frank Just wanted to add my good wishes for you both in Spain.Love Gill

  • Best wishes for your new life, hope all goes well.


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