New beginnings

New beginnings

Yes the god Janus the god of endings and beginnings and I'm assuming the JAK gene was named after him ( I could be wrong of course but it makes sense to me ).

My husband is retiring today and we will soon be moving house to be nearer our family

Normally I would have nothing to do with two faced people but this fellow has a looking forward face which I quite like .

So here's to new beginnings and special ones for our Jedi


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  • It's lovely to hear good news Helen. I hope your husband enjoys retirement and that the move goes well. It's great to be close to you family.

    Karen x

  • Aye Helen , always a big life moment when you move house / location. I would like to wish you and your family all the very best going forward and don't be looking back now. . . And I am very forward facing but without the fancy hair and beard. . Good Luck.

    Chris xx

  • Your still cute!x Aime 😺

  • You can respond again Aime I get very few compliments, esp when it comes to looks xx

  • No problem Chris, anyway looks are only skin deep, you have a lot more than that! I hope if I ever go through what you have I can face it with the same strength, humour and courage. Aime x😺😺

  • Hi Helen , yes i would like to think this is who jak2 named after also! ! well good luck on your move ,im sure you will both be very happy there , All the best for a great future ahead and of course good health for you both cheers 🍷🍹

    bwst wishes Holly xx

  • You're correct! I was at an MPN Support Group meeting in Brookfield, Wisconsin USA recently and the doctor who was the guest speaker mentioned that the JAK chromosomes are named after the Greek god Janus.

  • Hope the move goes well! I like the "looking forward" part! Best wishes Aime xx😺

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